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    Lamington Road

    Hi Guys, Its been a while since i posted here. Just moved to mumbai from ghaziabad 2 months back. I visited Lamington Road but did not find much. can you guys refer me to your favorite shops.. cheap and reliable ones? I am looking to buy desktop components.. dvdwriter.. wifi adapter, etc
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    [HELP] Video Promotion strategies

    Hi Guys.. Need your help. I have taken up a social media marketing class, in which i had to make a viral video as the class project. I have made the video and uploaded to youtube. With the tagline “Blackouts Zaroori hai!”, the video takes a satirical look at the power blackout situation in...
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    core i5 upgrade required

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Hi def Movies, Photoshop, Web browsing and Word processing 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar...
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    Graphic Card

    Graphic Card for HD videos Hey.. M looking for a graphic Card in the budget of 3K-4K INR. All I want is to play HD videos without any jitter. Will Club it on ASUS P5k-VM (G33) Motherboard. M looking to go for a card from nVidia with PureVideo HD. Have been offered MSI N220GT (DDR2 1GB) at Rs...
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    Processor for Intel 915GLVG

    Processor Thanks all
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    Processor for Intel 915GLVG

    hi guys, m looking for a cheap solution so which processor would you suggest to go along with the motherboard... i have celeron d 365 (3.6Ghz) in mind... or plain Pentium Processor with HT... suggest me the best solution...
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    Puzzle: try it... m stuck at level 9.. any help??
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    Patch Dilemma??

    hi... there is a silly doubt i have... if we patch a s/w or game with the latest patch.. do we need to use all previous version patches? eg if we use patch 1.08... do we need to first patch 1.01,1.02,1.03,1.04,1.05,1.06,1.07? or will the patch 1.08 have all the previous 7 patches...
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    June 2007 Preview...

    I just got a mail form digit: here's a snapshot: I'm waiting for the issue... wat about u? Comments awaited!
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    Simlar s/ws to muvee autoproducer

    I want to know some more good and easy software like muvee autoproducer, which are able to convert pices to slideshows. just got this marvellous piece of software. looking out for more!
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    Lite-On IT and BenQ Alliance in Optical Storage Products
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    benq dvd writer

    Will you change a benq 1640 for benq 1655 if you had the option? Or will you rather prefer liteon lightscribe drive?? I've the option. Need quick descion. Help me guys!! :roll:
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    dvd movie backup

    Which is the best software to bakup a 7.x GB DVD on a single 4.7 GB disc?? I want to backup some of my movie collection. Secondly what is the cost of double layered dvd +/- R or RW?
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    liteon drive problem

    hi, I have this liteon combo SOHC-5232K(digit upgrade to dvd offer). It was working fine until last few weeks, before I full erased a CD RW. Now the drive is not being recognised as a CD writer by Windows XP / Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6. Now every 1 of 4 cd being burnt gets damaged...
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    dealers - delhi

    who are the dealers for: benq pioneer lite on in delhi/ ghaziabad region? please inform as i want to go in for a dvd writer.
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    MOtherboard woes - DDR or DDR2??

    I am going to buy an intel 915 series board and have a few queries: can any one tell me if the DDR2 boards support normal DDR RAM or not. secondly wether PCI Express boards have on board graphics or I will have to buy a graphics card immediately. Please also suggest which (intel)...
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    I am willing to buy PIV 3.0 / 3.2 Ghz. I am unable to decide wether I should go for Intel Motherboard or Gigabite 915 board reviewed by digit. Please suggest. Secondly which brand RAM shold I purchase??
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    I have this new problem: My system hangs suddenly without any warning when running any software which I was using for more than last 3 months. This problem began when I installed Photoshop CS trial, but even after uninstalling it the problem persists. The system hangs unexpectedly, even if...
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    Sorry Guys for starting a new topic, but the search couldn't help me. 1. Which FTP Browser to use?? 2. How to use them?? I'm on dial-up, how long does it take to download files from FTP??
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    KERNEL32 error

    I'm getting this error in several applications: ACRORD32 caused an invalid page fault in module ACRORD32.EXE at 017f:004264e5. Registers: EAX=004262ab CS=017f EIP=004264e5 EFLGS=00010202 EBX=00844904 SS=0187 ESP=00f3fd08 EBP=00f3fd88 ECX=00000000 DS=0187 ESI=008ee22c FS=0fcf...
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