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    Firefox shows as Untrusted Connection

    The file contained numerous entries, including those that were blocked on my computer. I removed all the entries from the file and all the sites were accessible(taking a backup first, of course) The corrupt file contained several hundred sites that would have been blocked if I had tried them.
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    Bloatware and the alternatives

    Nero is a CD / DVD writer, which I used to use during my college time and I always found it very difficult in use but the PowerISO is much helpful.
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    Why Internet in our country is so costly.. lets find out together

    The same thing I was thinking about yesterday and thought to raise it on social media.But I found your question similar here.We have TRAI who regulates rules and regulations for Network service provider.But, As I see they are fail in control rates of service provider.
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    Best android games you have played.

    Interesting,Really enjoying it.
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    Android Music Player Remote App

    Sometimes you need to pay the price to get good things and not every good thing is freely available !! :P
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    Open or Free VPN services for mobiles

    Yes you are correct you can use OpenVPN over 3G/4G network but that has a limit like on the free version you can use only 100mb/day ! And if you purchase a subscription then you can get the plan that suits your need !
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    Android Music Player Remote App

    Another vote to move forward with the sound seeder app ! I am pretty much sure it will work out for you !
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    need a decent wifi file transfer for android

    Well, over here I am going to suggest you moving forward in get Airdroid, as I have personally used it a number of times to transfer my data in and out from my Android device to my laptop ! Also I would like to add it would be much better if you are transferring data over the same network...
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    Default music app missing in moto e

    Well, nope I don't think that default music app is missing from your Moto E rather than Google play music is the defaults music app available over the Moto E and I am pretty much sure this music player thing is goon going to be replaced in most of the device with the Google Play Music if you...
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    How I can become an app developer?

    Well, if you want to be an Android Developer then you are going to learn basic concepts of java and if you want to make your way over iOS app then you need to have learn about objective of C language ! Now rest the choice I'll it to you ! :D
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    Default music app missing in moto e

    Well, if you think its missing then you can always install another third party application from the Google PlayStore try searching for music player app over the store also I am pretty much sure that you Google Play Music has been made available over your device. So can you check that one out ?
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    Let’s Share some exclusive category of Android Apps

    What about Google Fit application available over the Google PlayStore it do seemed quite a great option to me !
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    [Android ]real time internet bandwidth management app for individual apps like netlimiter 3

    Well, I don't think there's still and even if there was then you will need root permission to made this much extreme level of customisation ! I'll be on the look out and will let you know if I came up with anything like this but for now I would say application like this isn't available.
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    Booting issue after updation

    Well, i would say you may need to reflash the stock ROM manually over your device it may have soft bricked head over to the XDA I am sure you can find something about this one over there !
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    Cannot update my phone

    Well, have you tried talking with the support people about this one ?? I am sure there might be some error with their which is making things like .... try giving them a call about the update !
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    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    Well, that doesn't looks that much great at all ! Anyway I would say your feedback about Lollipop was bit different from others some people said that they like it the more than ever and anyway I can understand everyone shares different option and so do you ! I would like to thank you for...
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    CDMA device iPhone

    Nope, iPhone6 is not available in CDMA at India ! So, I don't think you can get that ..
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    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    Okay, so you must be the person who has already got your hands over Android Lollipop, How was the experience at all ??? Is it going good or its just the same !
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    How many of you have got you hands on Lollipop ?

    Massive rollouts for Android Lollipop have been started, did you get the Android Lollipop update or you are still waiting for ?? If you got the update how was the whole Lollipop experience ?? Is it good or seriously bad I have been hearing a numbers of people running Lollipop over the other...
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    ZR heating issue

    Well, that doesn't looks normal to me I would say you need to have a look over the battery try checking it by putting over the flat surface and try spinning if that spins means the problem is with the battery and it needs replacement otherwise I would advise you to head out over the nearest...
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