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  1. aakaash

    Swans D1010MKII vs Swans M10

    Brief intro: I bought the the Swans d1010mkii 2.0 and had them for a week. But unfortunately I had to return them due to technical issues and finally bought the Swans M10 2.1 speaker system. I have had the m10's for one week today- the same time I had the d1010mkii's for, so I think I can now...
  2. aakaash

    Help in selecting a good pair of bookshelf speakers

    Feeling very sad- returning my beloved swans speakers tomorrow :crying_NF:. For the short time that I had with these speakers, I was introduced to a whole new world of clarity. It made me realize the significance of 2.0 bookshelf speakers and what I was missing for all these days. Now that I...
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