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    3D CGI / Gaming Overkill?

    HI, I am looking to build a new PC for my graduate studies in Visual Effects. I'll be doing particle effects, 3D Texturing Lighting and rendering. I will also be playing some games occasionally..mostly GTA V and Battlefield 4. I will be buying my parts in the US and have a draft of the part...
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    Building a rig for heavy duty 3D/CGI work

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: I am a visual effects artist so I do a lot of 3D modeling...
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    [PS4]Active GTA V Players/Crews

    Hi, Looking for active GTA V players/crews on the PS4 to do mission/heists/races/general BS. If you are an active player, kindly leave your PSN ID below and i'll add u. Thanks! ~N
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    One Plus One or LG G3 ?

    Hi, I have been looking at a lot of YouTube videos which put these two devices head to head and one common point is that the LG G3's battery sucks big time and on the other hand the One Plus One's battery is awesome! I understand that the battery in One Plus One doesnt have to power such a...
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    Unable to buy Netflix with a non-US credit Card

    Hi, I am a non-US person living in a Non-US country which makes me a big NO NO for netflix! :/ ... I am looking to get a subscription but it won't accept my credit card, even when I link the credit card to paypal, it won't accept it. Any other way I can buy netflix?? I looked at...
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    Microsoft Wireless Keyboard only works at certain angles

    Hi, I am using a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 and it seems to only be working when its kept flat on a surface. If I keep it in my lap, or on a pillow, it doesn't work. Any idea whats happening? Do I need to replace this keyboard? Thanks! ~N
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    Reliable Wireless Internet (USB Dongle) In Koregaon Park, Pune

    Hi, I recently moved to Koregaon Park in Pune and was wondering what would be a good and reliable USB Dongle internet option to go for. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks! ~N
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    Any Arma 3 Players?

    Hi, Was wondering if there are any Arma 3 players here and hoping to get some questions answered like how good is the gameplay? .. Since its heavily online-centric, is it difficult to play it online seamlessly on servers? I play battlefield 4 and the only servers on which I get a decent...
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    latop tablet combo

    Hi, I'm looking for a portable laptop which can also become a tablet. I saw the HP Split X2 and Microsoft Surface Pro a few days back at the local store and was quite impressed by both devices. Just wondering if I have any other options to choose from. Any help would be...
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    [Want to Buy] Laptop+Tablet combo

    Hi, I'm looking for a portable laptop which can also become a tablet. I saw the HP Split X2 a few days back at the local store and was quite impressed by it. Just wondering if I have any other options to choose from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ~Nitin
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    Gaming on Secondary Monitor in dual monitor setup

    Hi, I have a dual monitor setup with two 21" monitors (Samsung and Acer) . Currently, the Samsung (primary screen) is connected via the VGA to DVI-I cable and the Acer (secondary screen) is connected via a HDMI cable. The clarity on the Acer monitor is far better than what I am getting on...
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    BUilding a system from scratch. Grounding concerns.

    Hi, I will be building up my PC from scratch. I got my board, RAM, HDD, processor, etc and I will be starting with installing in the following order Processor > Cooler > RAM > Graphics Card > PSU > Optical drive > HDD I have been seeing some videos online and everyone of those...
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    Upgrading my machine for CGI/Gaming

    Hello, I'm a CG artist who likes to do photoreal CGI and also like to occasionally play games. I'm planning to upgrade my motherboard, processor, RAM and graphics card. I have answered the questionnaire first and then posted what I plan to buy. Kindly let me know if its a good buy. 1...
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    Buying SimCity

    Apparently, Simcity is not available in India for online ordering. Is there a place I can goto in Bangalore to buy it? like a retail store... thanks ~N
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    Rock Band for PS3 in Bangalore

    hi, Im planning to a buy the Rock Band set for PS3 in Bangalore...any suggestions where I can get it. Tried looking at flipkart but its not listed there. Thanks ~N
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    Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

    hey! I am looking to buy Black Ops 2 for my PC to play multiplayer online but I'm kinda worried if the automatic match making in it will ruin my game cos of the ping. I play Battlefield 2 online and i get a ping of 60-65 on the Asian servers. Anyone been playing Black Ops 2 online in...
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    WD Elements Drive not spinning

    Hello, I accidentally dropped by WD elements drive and now when I connect it to my PC, I can see the white light (it blinks in the beginning and then is constantly on) .. but nothing shows up in My Computer. My PC makes the little sound also when it detects the drive and it shows up as a USB...
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    SimCity 4 crashes and restarts system!!

    Hi, I just installed SimCity 4 on my PC and i am facing a problem that whenever i try to run it, it crashes and then restarts the system. Although other games on my Pc such as FarCry are working just fine. I am attaching a DxDiag log with it. Please solve my problem.. thanx...
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    RAM problem or Hard Drive??

    Hi, I have a Gigabyte 7VM400M-RZ motherboard and 2 512MB Ram Modules and a Seagate 80 GB Hard Drive. Recently, I have been facing a very peculiar problem. While I am playing a game, after sometime the audio Halts..not that the audio stops playing but the sonud wich was playing at that time...
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    everything is colored but the videos are black and white!!! :-(

    Hi, I recently fomatted my system and downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers for my display (v93.71). Now, everything is fully colored..the desktop..the games..evrything..but when i try to play any video, its black and white...can any suggest some solution to this problem??
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