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  1. axes2t2

    Paid apps question.

    I bought an app from the playstore but for some reason I need to format my phone. Is the 'unlocker key' available for download straightaway on the account or do I need to buy it again.
  2. axes2t2

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone.

    May Lord Ganesha give you 60 fps in all the games you play.
  3. axes2t2

    Samsung Galaxy core 2 - left soft key function.

    Anyone know how to change the function of left soft key on Galaxy Core 2 to open the menu and not the recently used apps?
  4. axes2t2

    Quickpic is now part of Cheetah mobile. Time to find a new gallery app or not update the current version.
  5. axes2t2

    Need ROM suggestion.

    Anyone know any good ROM's for the ancient Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830?
  6. axes2t2

    Best cheap phone.

    1. Budget? 2500/- 2. Display type and size? whatever 3. Dual sim? yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? whatever 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? whatever 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc). whatever 7. Preferred connectivity options...
  7. axes2t2

    Cheapest full hd phone ?

    What is the cheapest phone I can get that has full hd screen,dual sim,2gb ram,sd card support and otg support?
  8. axes2t2

    [Android] Office app which installs on sd card.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace user with only ~30 mb phone memory left. Also is there a way to do that auto upload camera photos other than setup dropbox ?
  9. axes2t2

    Happy friendship day !!!

    To everyone.
  10. axes2t2

    Wubi not starting.

    Downloaded the Ubuntu 12.10 iso via a torrent because the official download page is saying their server is busy.And now wubi is not starting even if I click 'Run as Administrator'Why ?
  11. axes2t2

    Want to buy casual shoes.

    But don't know which. Recommend please,with pics if possible. Budget 2k/-
  12. axes2t2

    Path of Exile

    Path of Exile Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. We're a small independent team of hardcore gamers based in New Zealand and have created Path of Exile as the game that we'd want to play ourselves. It is designed around a strong barter-based online...
  13. axes2t2

    Valve and Xi3's 'Steam Box' codenamed Piston, early specs detailed at CES

    Valve and Xi3's 'Steam Box' codenamed Piston, early specs detailed at*CES | Polygon The "Steam Box" modular computer announced by hardware maker Xi3 and Valve at CES is codenamed "Piston" and is modeled after the PC maker's X7A line of pint-sized computers, Xi3 reps tell Polygon. Xi3 brought...
  14. axes2t2

    Happy Birthday Nipun !!

  15. axes2t2

    Ashampoo softwares for free - Christmas
  16. axes2t2

    Pen drive problem - JVC stereo

    I bought a 4gb HP pen drive to plug in to the JVC panel and play music. It worked at first but after transferring some files and formatting it is not being detected by the player. Anyone know why ?
  17. axes2t2

    Happy Diwali everyone

    Happy Diwali everyone...enjoy ravyache ladoo and chakli and screw firecrackers because Cats hate firecrackers.
  18. axes2t2

    Apple suing Amazon over term "Appstore" claiming "app store" is an Apple trademark

    In App Store vs. Appstore court clash, Apple runs into a skeptical judge | Ars Technica #applesucks
  19. axes2t2

    "I just bought more than 1 million …Facebook data entries."

    I just bought more than 1 million …Facebook data entries. OMG! | I Talk Web :@ Mixed Feelings After My Conversation With Facebook. | I Talk Web :@
  20. axes2t2

    Get some games on Origin for free.

    Use the code OS3874XVC to get $20 off Origin purchases! Can be used to get a $20 game for Free! : GameDeals Idk what this is about.
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