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  1. vamsi360

    Hi next-gen

    Hi all, I just logged in after so many years. Feels great to see the community grow. I grew up reading Digit for 4 years non-stop.:lol:
  2. vamsi360

    Test drive new Digit Archive

    Hi friends, Please test drive the new Digit Archive. The above is the link to the thread containing the new software. Please give your feedback there.
  3. vamsi360

    Digit Archive now hosted at Codeplex - download now!

    Update: The DigitArchive is now hosted at Codeplex. I am thrilled to announce this project as a opensource project - my first one. Codeplex is a Microsoft project hosting site hosting the opensource projects. You can hence access the source code, contribute to this project and become a...
  4. vamsi360

    Use Vista as it is....

    Hi friends, You can use Vista in a way you donot need to depend on other 3rd party utilities and unofficial tutorials too. Here is how to do it: This is just my attempt to write a good blog post. Please rate it.
  5. vamsi360

    Fedora fan club

    Here we will discuss about our favorite distro Fedora....
  6. vamsi360

    Wanna game on Linux?

    Hi, Gamers....take a look at It's Fedora distro with 6 superb games. There are other spins available too... Visit....
  7. vamsi360

    Debian vs Fedora vs Slackware

    Hi folks, I am just starting a war here. After reading a lot about Linux history, I came to a conclusion that there are only a few( i mean the root nodes ) solid distros availble. My analysis: I have chosen only the root nodes here. I mean that Debian is the root and Knoppix, Ubuntu are...
  8. vamsi360

    Awake! You open source fans!

    Hello everyone, When I joined this forum this section used to be the busy but now it's unoficially dead except for that basic Ubuntu and Linux beginner's questions. Is this it? Is this all about opensource? Is Linux the only part of Opensource? I think we all should come up with...
  9. vamsi360


    Guys, One claim. I just downloaded the Windows 7 Enterprise RTM 64-bit 90 day trail from Microsoft site. The first thing I am impressed is IE. IE 8 is the best browser I used till date. I really liked the speed, the UI and accelerators and the Favourited toolbar, webslices. For the past 3...
  10. vamsi360

    The Official Hello world thread!.....

    C: #include int main() { printf("Hello world!"); }
  11. vamsi360

    Windows 7 - my review

    I have been beta testing windows 7 for about 20 days and found some interesting changes. But I personally feel that Vista is equally good and vista didnot leave me any bad expereinces on my Dell Inspiron 1525. The UI change is appreciable. It uses less RAM than vista and some features are newly...
  12. vamsi360

    Suggest a PC Configuaration under 30k

    I want to buy a PC for my home needs.Suggest me
  13. vamsi360

    My xp ----> 7 desktop

    Hi this is my xp sp3 with vishal's 7 on it. Rate it .....Sorry for the first blunder...I am now using imageshack
  14. vamsi360

    Command line gcc compiler for windows

    Hi friends....I want to know if there is a possibility to use Mingw gcc compiler in command line in windows similar to using cc in linux. If it is possible please post the explanation here and the commands to compile and execute. I have installed Migw gcc in my system.
  15. vamsi360

    GUI designing using qt4

    Hello friends.....I recently got interested in qt3 programming using C++ in fedora9. I just want to know if there are any qt3 or qt4 programming guys here so i could get help from them. I just started with a book which teaches basics of qt4. I also wanted to know if my move is right or not...
  16. vamsi360

    Arch made easy!

    Installing arch is made simple by softpedia. It will make it simple but you dont enjoy your frustration installing arch. I too have spent 5 hours to install window managers,X.....but the wiki is really good.All the time is spent to read it carefully.First I was shocked not to see the GUI in...
  17. vamsi360

    Programmers Challenge!

    Hello friends of this forum, here is one challenge to you and I hope you can solve this. Remember that any language can be used.:) The question goes....... Alice and Bob need to send secret messages to each other and are discussing ways to encode their messages: Alice: "Let's just use a very...
  18. vamsi360

    Andhra Pradesh people post here

    I just wanted to know how many here in this forum are from Andhra Pradesh. If you are indeed from A.P please post your name, where are you studying, which city. Hope this builds up...... I -----> Achanta Vamsi Subhash B.Tech 2nd year IT GITAM University...
  19. vamsi360

    Please Answer Please..........

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 and i was worried with my DVD drive sound scratchy "keek keek" while running. Please tell me whether the DVD drive is getting damaged Also, please tell me how to find that my hard drive is affected or not by the bug mentioned in...
  20. vamsi360

    Help in playing non free patented codecs in Fedora

    i wanted to play mp3 in fedora 9 but could'nt as my laptop has no internet connection but my PC has.So can anyone give me a complete solution on how to install these codecs in fedora by transfering the downloaded files from my PC? Is Anyone There Please Help Me
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