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  1. Plasma_Snake

    Seagate HDDs clearence

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate Expected Price: 3.5K+2K+1.2K=Rs 6,700/- Time of Purchase: 2010-11 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes Reason for Sale: Going for NAS Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product Condition...
  2. Plasma_Snake

    AMD build for sale!

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: AMD Athlon X2-250, MSI 880GMA-E45, HIS Radeon HD5570 Expected Price: 2K+4K+2.5K+3.5K=Rs 12,000/- Time of Purchase: 12th Jan 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes Reason for Sale: No need of...
  3. Plasma_Snake

    Need Courseware

    I looked around on NPTEL and MIT OCW but couldn't find decent material(videos to be precise) on the following topics: Software Architectures Advanced Operating System Advanced Compiler Design Pervasive Computing If u know any site from where I can get the vids for these...
  4. Plasma_Snake

    HD Media player/NAS combo???

    I need a HD media player which can double up as NAS i.e. allow me to transfer files to and from it using both Network and USB. Should support 3.5inch HDD as I intend to use my 2TB and 1TB HDD with it. Should support Bit Torrent and FTP. My budget is 10-15K. Now shoot folks.
  5. Plasma_Snake

    GMA880-E45 issue or just bad luck?

    I had 5 hard drives, 400GB, 500GB and 2TB (all Seagate) and 640GB and 1TB (both WD). I tried to using them through dock but on both of my systems, the laptop and the desktop it is now detecting dock as "Initio controller" whilst earlier it was working fine. So assuming that dock might be at...
  6. Plasma_Snake

    Home Theater setup suggestion

    My neighbor want to buy Home theater setup including Speakers, DVD player and the LCD TV. Constraints are: LCD is to be 40incher Whole Setup should belong to single company like Sony, LG or Samsung. Budget is 50K-80K. He was initially inclined towards Sony but I advised him against it as...
  7. Plasma_Snake

    PSN to go pay-for-subscription model

    SOURCE Finally Sony has come up with a way to cover for its losses. 8-)
  8. Plasma_Snake

    Masters outside India

    Hi everybody, its my first post after a long time :oops: and now too I'm asking for your help. I want to know as to which nation is best for doing Master's degree in Computer/I.T ? What abut Germany ? What exams are needed for doing M.S in Germany ? :?
  9. Plasma_Snake

    BSNL connection issue

    For past 2 years I have been on BSNL's 512Kbps Unlimites plan. My problem started 2 weeks ago. Please bear with me this long woeful tale. In March of this year, after filing a formal complaint regarding the disturbances in my landline, 2 linemen came and told that my wire was messed up and...
  10. Plasma_Snake

    Blog problem

    A few days back, I created a blog in order to rake in some moolah through Ad-Sense. After creating it, I tried to register it for Ad-Sense. After a day I got this e-mail from Google. site is What did I do wrong?
  11. Plasma_Snake

    3G nears!

    Source Finally some relief! :rolleyes:
  12. Plasma_Snake

    Net on Chinese phone

    A guy I know has a dual-sim Chinese phone, copy of Nokia E6300. He wants to know as to how to run GPRS/EDGE based Internet on it and also how to run Internet on PC via phone. The only PC-phone connectivity option he has is via Bluetooth as there is no plausible data cable or PC suite for the...
  13. Plasma_Snake

    SKOAR vids playback problem

    This time SKOAR gave some COD4,CS and Quake vids in the DVD but they aren't the standard .avi or .flv files but rather .dm2 file in case of COD4. Know how to play them?
  14. Plasma_Snake

    Strange Connectivity Issue

    In my Dell Studio 15 laptop, whenever I access the the public WiFi network of my computer center, it works but as soon as I plug in the Cross-LAN cable to share the same Internet and network, my laptop disconnects from Internet as it gives precedence to LAN card over WiFi. Anyway to keep them...
  15. Plasma_Snake

    AMD goes Octacore

  16. Plasma_Snake

    Modern Warfare 2 weapons list

    This is the "confirmed weapons" list which means there will be more ;-) Source
  17. Plasma_Snake

    Mafia 2 Gameplay footage

    Here's the link. :lol:
  18. Plasma_Snake

    Garbled screen after update

    I recently upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 on both of my machines, a Dell Studio 1555 and my Desktop. While on the laptop is smoothed out the rough edges of 8.10, on desktop it made the situation from bad to worse. Earlier my Display was not being detected nor were the Ati drivers properly worked...
  19. Plasma_Snake

    Morden Warfare 2 caught in pricing warfare

    Source This means almost 4400 bucks!:-o :-x Looks like I need to start taking contracts for hits. ;)
  20. Plasma_Snake

    MOV video download

    How to download HD videos from Apple's site?
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