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    Brainwavz Delta vs Brainwavz Jive

    On lookout for new IEM ear phone with mic. I have zeroed in these two. Review seems nice. can anybody using these provide an insight whether they are worth the Price. Wil use these with mobile mostly. Good bass and clear sound is priority. Any other suggeston with 2000 budget is also...
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    whichoneis best Soundmagic ES18 or Sennheiser CX 180

    Hi all Need a IEM under low budget. My SoundMagic E10 just died and warranty is also over. I was a long time user of PL21 and then E10. I would have gote10again but it is now priced 2200(When i bought it was 1500:-?) and I am on tight budget. So thinking about ES18, but also thinking...
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    BUying Advice Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini aor Galaxy S3

    Which one will be more better choice between GS3 and GS4 Mini. My main requirment will be updated OS, Facebook, Twitter, watching Videos and songs. And and reading ebook Good Camera too. (Games maybe once in blue moon, not a hard core mobile gamer. GS3 has good screen, but heard it lack...
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    Is using 2 different wireless receiver for mouse and keyboard will disturb each other

    HI I have a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and mice combo. The mouse is not working anymore so I have to buy new mouse, I am thinking about Belkin. I want to know that if using two different receiver for each keyboard and mouse will create problem or not. I dont want to buy combo again. I have...
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    ANy Idea about how is the performance of Zync Z1000 Tablet

    Hi Guys Have any one used the Zync Z1000 tablet. I needed this model for the my companies Sales Person who are in the field. Main requirement is 3G to demo the Web Service and battery backup. We are already testing the Zync Z999+, which is gud so far. Byond MI3, HCL U1-but they dont have...
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    which one is better Sennheiser CX 180 or Soundmagic E10

    HI Guys I need a new IEM for my SE Xperia Pro. My Old Soundmagic PL21 dies 1 week ago. So I am now inthe hunt of new earphone in the budget of 1500. I love my PL21, but dont want to buy it again. So I hav narrow down to these two Sennheiser CX 180 or Soundmagic E10. Which one is better. I...
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    Ice Cream Sandvich Update on Xperia Pro(Owner please Reply)

    Hi All I own a Xperia Pro and it update to ICS has been out. I want know has anyone have updated their Xperia Pro. How is the performance. Is their any cons, and what are the benefits.
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    Memory card Buying Suggestion-Class4 or Class 6

    Hey Guys I have a Xpreria Pro with 8 GB sandisk memory card. Now I need a memory card of 16 Gb. I am confused between Class 4 and Class 6. Does it give performance boost if using a class 6 Sandisk 16 Gb preferably this model . Waiting for Suggestion.
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    Wich one to go from these three. Xperia Neo V vs Xperia Pro vs HTC One V

    HI Guys Please suggest:-? me which one is much better from these three. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro HTC One V I will buy :razz:the handset in the first week of May. :wink:
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    Want to buy a Android Phone in bugdet 10K-19K

    HI Guys I am looking for a Android Phone with Big Screen coz I m msg junky. Main usae will be FB, music and camera. I hav narrow down Xperia Neo V, Xperia Pro and Xperia mini Pro(only -ve point is small screen) Xperia Neo V-17200 Xperia Pro- 18900 I would love a HTC but dont get any...
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    Need I3 Processer and Motherboard suggestion

    Hey Guys I need to buy I3 Processor and Mother+RAM in 10K. Motherboard must have good onboard graphics because although I hardly use it for game but HD video is must on list. So Please suggest mein good motherboard in this price range. I also need atleast one PATA port so that I can use my...
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    Looking for a Feature phone in budget 6-8 thousand

    Hi Guys I m looking for a mobile in the budget of 6-8 thousand for a Friend. Main uses will be music, lots of messaging, facebook and occasional photos. I have seen Samsung Galaxy Y screen is small for messaging. and Android will be complex for her. I have zero down some phone which could...
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    Thinking of buying Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN/W. Any Thought Guys

    Hi guys I am thinking of buying Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN/W, market price in 30K. Have any use this lappy. any thought about performance and battery life. This lappy is for basic use like MS-Office, internet and movies. VPCEH25EN : E Series : VAIO™ Laptop & Computer : Sony India Waiting fro...
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    Need location inDELHI where i can buy CREATIVE or SOUND MAGIC

    Hi guys, I lived in South Delhi. I am interested in buying In-Ear Ear phone from the brands like Creative or Soundmagic I ammainly interested in Creative EP-630 or Soundmagic PL series that is under 1K. I have some malls and store like Musicland or relience mart or even Imagine. But on find...
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