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    Two questions.........

    whats the diff between beats audio system in HP lapies & Altec Lansing Audio? n when Dell inspiron with Sb processors come to india. Thanx.
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    Necessity of graphic card

    i want to know that is graphic card in a lappy is really important for watching hd movies, edting images n videos or intel hd 3000 would be suffic.
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    difference between Windows 7 home basic & Windows 7 home premium

    What is the difference between Windows 7 home basic & Windows 7 home premium while using on a laptop?
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    Hp launched lappies with Sandy bridge processors

    Check Hp website, they have launched lappies with Sandy bridge processors. When Dell inspirons get Sandy bridge processors?
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    Dell or Lenovo

    Guys help me to chose between Inspiron 15R Laptop Details | Dell India & Lenovo Ideapad Z Series Z570 (59-069595) Laptop Price India: Buy Lenovo Ideapad Z Series Notebook India: lenovo one is in chroma for Rs. 42500/-. Which one is a better buy considering after sales service...
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    Diff bet 1st gen proccy vs 2nd gen proccy

    What is the difference i5 480M Processor (2.66GHz/3MB cache) and Sandybridge i5 2410M (2.3GHz/3MB cache) in terms of performance? Can anyone explain in detail
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    Buy Dell lapy fro Ebay

    Hi all, Please suggest me is Dell lappy from link given bellow worth to buy. Dell Inspiron 15R i5-2410m Sandy Bridge 4/500 Laptop (Rs. 39434). Can i get Dell International warranty with this? Please help guys..
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    buying lappy from us/uk

    Is there any way to purchase dell laptop from usa/uk?(other than friends or relatives as i dont have any of them living in these contries :-( )
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    Suggest me a lappy

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 35k to 43k 2) What size notebook would you prefer? d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? Also state that if or ships to your country (Only if you know this info). India 4) Are there...
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    Query about Sandy Bridge laptops availibility

    hi all, can anyone tell when Sandy Bridge processor laptop availed in India by Dell, Hp n Sony? I want to buy a lappy in next 2 weeks, is it realy worth to wait for Sandy Bridge processor laptop? Thanx.
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