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    Suggestion for Laptop with budget of ~70-80k

    Dear ALL + @SaiyanGoku , please recommend good Laptop for my below Requirement online Trading and Charting + 7-8 Hrs Teamviewer connection + will connect 1 24''/32'' HD monitor for same. ) What is your budget? (INR or USD): Rs.70k + 10 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you...
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    Yureka Plus: Removing Custom ROM

    Dear Friends, I have bought Yureka Plus for my wife and it arrived yesterday. Although everything is fine till now but i found this custom ROM is bit heavy for this phone. I have bought yureka in March for myself and till date it is very perfectly fine. It is having CM 11 and yureka Plus is...
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    Wants to Buy New Phone Budget 12K

    1. Budget? 12-14K Max 2. Display type and size? Bigger the better 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Except Samsung, and other Chinese brands 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Both front as well as primary, FM radio, Vibrant colour...
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    low end light weight mobile

    Hi Friends, I m looking for low end light weight mobile. My priorities are: 1. Light weight - means less then 100gm is must. 2. Atleast 2g but 3 G is added advantage.must have email facility. 3. Having twitter app is good. 4. not interested in touchscreen phone. qwerty is fine.dual sim or...
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    Selected Dell XPS 14, wants to know ur opinion

    Hello Friends, I want to buy ultrabook. Features I am looking for are: 1. FHD 2. Dedicated GPU, can play two years old games. 3. Good battery back up. 4. decent speed. 5. weight as much less as possible 6. Future proof for atleast next three years. Wants to know your opinion on this. I don't...
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    Buying Headphone

    Hi All, After recommendation from Gurus on tDF, i am going to buy Denon AHD 510. On Ebay and most of the online sites it is at Rs.4890. upwards. Please tell me is this price is fine or I can check somewhere else. Regards, Chintan
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    Sennheiser HD 205 or 203

    Hi All, I am looking Headphones. I have dell laptop and going to using them with it. This is going to be my first headphone purchase. The headphone should be comfortable for long. hours. having mic attached is added advantage. I don't know much abt headphone. zeroed on sennheiser brand. open to...
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    Need Help to deal with

    Hello Friends, I have recently purchased Lee Cooper Shoes from I received my product in 4 days. when I put up those I realised those are not those which I had ordered. I checked pics of my shoes again and i was correct. I told that to Myntra regarding wrong shoes shipped. They...
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    Forming a Buyers club

    Hi all, I have seen tht on TDF.. people are on buying spree... Almost everyday i notice tht our buying volume is Few thousand Ruppees on daily basis. My point is why don't we form a club kind of thing and then have tie-up with some good chain which can supply has almost all kind of...
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    Multi Monitor Set up

    Hi All, I need advice regarding setting up multi monitor set up from senior members; 1. Number of Monitors : 3 + 1 laptop ( I already have laptop just wants to connect in given system) I need advice regarding main hardware only: 1. Proccy 2. Cards 3. cooling system 4...
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    Touch Sensitivity of Smartphone

    Hi All, I want to know wht is the touch sensitivity of Smartphones after 2-3 years of use... I mean they are using Procy of 1Ghz... so can any expert comment on this part as how would be there performance after 1-2 years of constant use..... I asking this coz i want to buy smartphone which...
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    How to connect Desktop with Laptop

    Hi Friends, I have desktop whose hard drive is not working .. and I want to format it.... when I start the Desktop Delete key and Fn keys are not working so I am not able to get into Bios.... Now my idea is to conect desktop hard drive or desktop itself with me laptop and format the Hard...
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    Computer is not Booting from Xp CD

    Hi Friends, I am going through strange and terible problem.. 1. My computer have Win Xp OS .. and from my Pen Drive it get many virus. 2. Some times back I bought new Lappy and I Cleaned my PD now... 3. the Problem I am facing with my desktop....Due to virus it doesn't get open..and was...
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    Buying Laptop - Budget 40K

    Hello Friends Wants to buy a laptop..budget is maximum 40k.rulled out Dell inspi..due to 10days waiting time....Right now zeroed on .. 1.CQ-45-137TX---- With graphics card Nvidia 9200Gs -- Croma price in Ahmedabad - 41999. 2. CQ - 40-327TU -- without graphics card -- Xcite showrrom price -...
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    Buying Sony From the US is warrenty valid in India

    hello friends i am going to buy sony vaio laptop from the US... i wan to know wether the warrenty is applicable in India also.if not then what to do if require repair.. here is the link of laptop i am looking to buy...
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    how to Create BSNL dialer in Ubuntu 8.10

    Hi friends, today i have Installed Ubuntu 8.10 but till now i am not able to figure out how to create BSNL dialer in it just like Win Xp. i don't want to create automatic login with it.If some Techie post Steps then it will be very helpful to me. Also i am not able to play Movie CD into it...
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    Problem with Monitor and sound system

    Hi Friends, I have 17" Monitor. from last 2 days i am facing a strange problem. My monitor's response time is slowed down miserably. although opening up of application doesn't take time but when i do up - down of web page or any page then response is very slow. Even when i watch movie i can see...
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    20GB hard space is missing

    Hi techGods, I have 80GB hard disk having winXp OS... today i deleted 25GB from this to install i not able to configure internet connection settings in ubuntu and not find it very much useful compare to Winxp.. i removed it... but now when i installed WinXp right from scrtch...
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    Which one to buy Dell Or HP

    Hello Friends, i am looking to buy a laptop. My budget is 50K. i have selected HP DV 5 2911TX.. price 48999( Croma). and Dell Studio 15.. Price 49741... after customization( dell site)..... and Sony VGn - CR 363G/B.. price 49999( Croma). which one to go for....?.. if i select Dell then how...
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    Date Cracker

    hi friends, i have DEMO version of some softwares and I am desperetly looking for some date cracker or democraker version . If u know any link or if u have then plz let me know thanks in advance
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