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    Wifi router without modem under 1300

    Hey guys i want to buy a wifi router for my android phone and laptops. My internet service provider is mtnl and i am using the internet with its supplied modem. At first I was thinking of getting the router from mtnl itself but someone told me it has a bad range. I have 2 floors in my house and...
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    is device id in android phones unique or changeable

    Hi i am new to android. i am confused if device id in android phones is unique to the phone or associated to the google play account or changeable. the reason i ask this is because i want to use a software called apk leecher to download apps as i currently dont have wifi with my internet...
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    help in choosing android phone under 17000 with best music quality and gaming

    Hi guys i am looking for my first android phone. i dont need a secondary camera on the phone but i wont mind if it is there. i will be mostly using the phone for music and a little bit of hd gaming so the phone must have good music quality and come with good bundled earphones (i will prefer in...
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    market price of gt220 and hd5570

    can anyone tell me the market price of 512 mb versions hd5570 and gt220 in nehru place, delhi also i heard about some stores like smc in nehru place i wanted to know if their prices are negotiable and correct on their website or not
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