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    LG V10 India Launch

    Any news on LG V10 india launch? Looks like beast of a smartphone! Interested to buy one. if not launching officially, Then I might have to import from usa. Is their an cheap and convenient way to get LG V10? Thanks for the help.
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    Xperia Z4 Tablet India Launch

    Any news on Xperia Z4 Tablet India launch? Seems to be a good alternative to my Ipad 3.
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    34 Inch Monitor or HDTV?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a 34 inch monitor for my productivity work like browsing, Word processing and editing which is my main focus and also movie watching. Since 21:9 aspect ratio is both good for productivity and movie watching I was planning to buy LG 34 inch 21:9 monitor. But right now they...
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    Dell XPS 13 2015 Edition

    Any news on launch of Dell XPS 13 (2015 Edition) or 15 inch version? Planning to buy one..:|
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    best Laptop for multipurpose for students

    Hi guys, So since my 2010 rmbp is dead right now I want to buy a new laptop. After extensive search I slimmed down my choices to two laptops- Apple 13 inch retina macbook pro (i5, 8GB, 512Gb ssd, Intel HD) and MSI GS60 Ghost pro 4k. I also want to buy an external monitor ( presumable 27"+)...
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    Best External monitor

    So i need one high resolution monitor. Presumably 27inch+. Not 1080p. Higher than that. Any suggestion? What about these curved monitors from dell and samsung. Any news of when they wll be launched in india? For most of the part i will doing my project stuff office browsing and gaming too(...
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