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    1066 Mhz RAM upgrade on ASUS P5E

    Here are the details of my PC which is 2 years old. Processor: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9450 2.66 GHz. PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power Duo 600W SLI Crossfire Ready (RP-600-PCAR) Motherboard: Asus P5E RAM : 2GB DDR2 800 MHz Graphics Card: GE Force 8600 HDD: SATA Raid 0 Seagate 350GB X2...
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    Purchase new steering wheel

    Hi I want to buy new steering wheel. It should be force feedback, separate break, accelerator, and clutch, And separate gear. It must be compatible with all latest racing games including NFS (all versions) , Midtown madness and test drive. Please suggest the best one. Budget Rs 2000 +-
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    High End PC Purchase

    Hello I have decided to buy new PC. My main requirements are working with Visual studio 2008, Playing games, home entertainment, working with office 2007. The high performance is must. The budget is less than 70,000. It’s ok if it goes 10-15 thousand more. I have decided the configuration as...
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