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  1. a_to_z123

    Use Wi-Fi on my Mobile through BSNL Wireless Modem

    Hello guys, I have a problem using wi-fi on my cellphone through BSNL's wireless modem-cum-router. I think it actually trickles down to this: 1) On my laptop I've created a PPPoE connection. 2) I connect to the wireless network and it shows 'No Internet Connectivity' for the...
  2. a_to_z123

    Join MP4 files without recompression

    Hi guys, I just downloaded a few videos from YouTube which were split into several parts. As you know that YT only offers MP4 as the downloadable format so I now have a bunch of MP4 files. i want to join them into a single file without re-compression or any processing as we do with AVI...
  3. a_to_z123

    A Programming problem faced in an Interview by me

    Hi guys, Recently I gave an interview for a company where I faced an unusual question. The interviewer asked me to make a program which calculates 2^(any 5 digit no.) in any programming language. The thing is that what data type to take as he specifically mentioned not to take...
  4. a_to_z123

    Super Unusual Broadband Behaviour

    Hi guys, Yesterday night I had one of the strangest incidents in my experience of broadband activity. I'm attaching the screenshot of Bandwidth Monitor which I use to monitor my network activities. I'm totally at a loss to understand what was this! Anyone please explain if...
  5. a_to_z123

    Help me set-up a Media Server on an Ad-Hoc Wireless Network

    Guys, I recently purchased a Samsung Wave. Now I want to use the Media Sharing features that it has got. Please let me know how to configure a Media Server over an ad-hoc wireless network between my laptop and mobile. I tried myself using WMP and PS3MediaServer but was unable to do so...
  6. a_to_z123

    Issue with my new Belkin G Wireless Router

    Hello guys, I recently purchased a new Belkin G Wireless Router The problem which I'm facing now is that it isn't giving me speeds above 50 KBps whereas I used to get speeds of above 100 KBps on my 1 Mbps connection. No matter how I try to configure my router, the speed is the same...
  7. a_to_z123

    Weird uTorrent Problem

    Hi guys, I've been facing this problem since over an year now and now I'm sure there needs to be an explanation behind it. What I've experienced over the last 1.5 years is this that whenever I download torrents with Seeders/Leechers greater than 1000 or so, I get very slow speeds. Whereas...
  8. a_to_z123

    Remote Desktop Connection Help Needed

    Hello guys, I hope there are techies here who can solve my problem. I success fully use RDC with ppl over broadband with PCs which have a direct IP assigned to them (either static or dynamic), viz. in BSNL DataOne which assigns explicit IPs. My problem is this what if I want to connect to PCs...
  9. a_to_z123

    Bulk SMS Provider in India

    Friends, My uncle has a coaching centre and he wants to send updates through SMS to all the students about the schedule of the classes and other promotional purposes. I would like to know about some trusted, good and cheap Bulk SMS service providers in India. It is urgent please help!
  10. a_to_z123

    N86 8MP Phone Memory Full

    Hi guys, I've got a Nokia N86 8MP with me. The problem which I'm facing since the last two weeks is that it repeatedly shows this message: I've browsed each an every folder in the phone memory with the platform hack ON (even the sys, bin & private folders), but I couldn't find...
  11. a_to_z123

    Slot-load or Tray-load ODD?

    Hi guys, I just wanted to have an opinion out of you. I wanted to know which out of the two optical disc drives is better:- Slot-load or Tray-load? Obviously one advantage Tray-load ODDs have in comparison to Slot-load ODDs is that they can play 8cm discs. I want to know other...
  12. a_to_z123

    Cheap Data Recovery Service in Delhi

    Hi guys, My Seagate HDD crashed yesterday and is no longer accessible, though it shows up in the BIOS. But it isn't getting detected anywhere after that. Not even during the OS installation. In fact the OS installation hangs up after the boot screen if I plug in the HDD. So finally the...
  13. a_to_z123

    Creative SB Audigy Value Win7 Drivers

    Hi guys, I've got a Creative SB Audigy Value sound card. I've installed Windows 7 and also downloaded the respective drivers from the website. But the problem is that I can't find the suitable configuration software with which I used to configure Bass Redirection, etc. Other settings...
  14. a_to_z123

    How to connect Altec Lansing 5.1 Speakers to DVD Player?

    Hi guys, Today I thought of connecting my Altec Lansing VS3251E 5.1 speakers of my PC to my Philips DVD player which has 5.1 channel output. But the thing is how to do that?? The speakers have only 3 input wires whereas the DVD player has 6 different outputs for each speaker. Is it...
  15. a_to_z123

    Automate BSNL Home 500C for downloads (Windows Vista)

    Hi friends, Many of us here have BSNL Home 500C plan which boasts of unlimited data during 2:00 am to 8:00 am. So many people would like to know how to automate downloading during this time. This is what I do to automate connection/disconnection on my BSNL Home 500C Plan on Windows Vista...
  16. a_to_z123

    Unusual Torrent Behaviour

    Hello guys. I'm experiencing a strange behaviour when downloading torrents. Its like this:- Torrents with huge number of seeders & leechers give extremely slow speed while downloading, and those with comparatively very few or limited number give extremely high speeds. Its the...
  17. a_to_z123

    "Windows could not determine if this computer contains a valid system volume"

    Hi guys, I'm experiencing a problem during Vista Ultimate 32-bit installation. After I select the drive on which to install Vista it shows this error message "Windows could not determine if this computer contains a valid system volume" and it doesn;t proceed further anymore. It...
  18. a_to_z123

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value settings getting reset

    Hello guys, I'm having this weird problem with my newly purchased Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value sound card. I'm using Windows Vista and every time I reboot the Bass settings get turned off while the slider and check box are there in the same position. My motherboard is MSI P45...
  19. a_to_z123

    Ho do I determine the buffer size of my HDD?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to ask how can I determine the buffer size of my HDD?? Any paticular SW to do so?? Thx.
  20. a_to_z123

    Save image from pictureBox in Visual C# 2008

    Hello guys, I'm developing a project in Visual C# 2008 and want t save an image from pictureBox to a file and load it later on into a pictureBox. Plz tell me how to do it... I've tried seraching MSDN and all but can't find the correct way to do it... So plz help. Can images be saved to...
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