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    Phone,15k,best ROM support,Advice please

    Hi all I'd like to buy first hand/second hand phone under 15k with only 2 criterias 1.Should have the most stable ROM support(CM,AOKP) for least 2 years 2.Reasonable battery backup(should last 1 day with edge ON,only for whatsapp) As far as I can tell,phones like MMX HD,Q1000,Wammy passion...
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    CM Storm Senitel advance 2 or logitech g400/500?

    Need your advice ppl. Thanks
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    [Want to Buy] Good gaming mouse under 1k

    Hi all Im looking for a good gaming mouse under 1k,for games like cs,cod,bf3 etc.
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    Beat this Can any one beat this,This is an unlimited plan @ 99/month @ Delhi.
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    What will a Mech Engg Fresher get?

    Hi all Im in DCE doing my mech engg{btech.}.Im scoring around 70%. What is the best possible placement i can get,barring PSU ie IOCL,BHEL,etc. as i dont want to sit for GATE. THANKS!
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    Sony E14A Series thread+Review:D

    Hello ppl. Sorry for late post but here is my full review and what i think about my sony lappy.So sit back and enjoy. 1.Spec sheet:1.i5-2450m~2.6ghz 2.4GB ddr3@1366 3.14'' 1600x900 vaio display 4.1 gb 7670m 5.500 gb hdd...
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    Dell Inspiron 15r VS Sony Vaio E Series

    Finally I have decided to choose between 2 lappies: 1.Dell Inspiron 15r:3612qm(i7),7730m,4gigs ram,1366x768 disp,backlit kb=52k 2.Sony vaio e series:3612qm(i7),7650m,4gigs,1366x768 disp,backlit kb=55k Which one should i go for considering 1.Durability and reliablity(prime imp.)...
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    Windows laptop with best display!{55K}

    Hi everyone. My Budget is 55K(fixed).I want an Ivy Bridge lappy with best display. Note:Best display is not 1080p for me,it should be having good contrast,accurate color reproduction(to some extent:P),good viewing angles AND MOST IMP OF ALL:Should be comfortable to read for hours. I wanted a...
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    Laptop for 60k but very skewed options!(and dramatic too)

    Hi all I want to buy laptop for 60k in Delhi. I'm in college and the problem is that it is a very dusty place.I have seen Alienware m17x,Sony(some E series and C series) and Acer laptops heat up(Avg temp 110,92,120 resp. in Celsius). The horrible lot is yet to come 1.HP dv6...something...i7...
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    iphone jailbreak help!

    HI everyone. i require your help in jailbreaking my iphone. currently i have 3.1.3 version running and in my computer i only have 3.0.0 firmware's ispw(iphone_1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ispw) my quesn is - can i use blacksnOw to jailbreak my iphone with 3.0.0 firmware? also i have downloaded...
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    how to host a lan party?

    how do u host lan party for quake 3,unreal tournament '99?
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    lan party prob!

    i need to buy a 16 port swich cheap,even second hand will do.whats the expected price? can i link 2, 8 port switch to form a 14 port switch?(with rj 45)
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    andriod phone

    hi i wud like to buy an andriod phone. ihave short listed a few samsung galaxy i7500 samsung galaxy i5700 spica htc tattoo i prefer i7500. is it a good choice. my budget is 14000 how is i7500 battery life(if wifi is used for 2 hours and gps for 3hours daily?) :smile::smile::smile:
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    Audio help

    I have Archos 5 imt.250gb Now i need your help Should i go 4 ibasso t4,linearossa w1 or samson s amp or fiio e5 4 amps And between koss porta pro or hd201,ear pollution nerve pipe The decision is on 1.bass 2.warmth amd depth 3.battery consumPtion
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    ps3 at stake.audiophiles help needed bro n i have challenged each other,who makes the best pmp rig. So he has chosen Ipod touch ,ibasso t4 ,ear pollution nerve pipe. Mine Archos 5 imt. Now i need your help Should i go 4 linearossa w1 or samson s amp or fiio e5 4 amps And between koss porta pro or hd201. The decision...
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    pc crash at 52 deg celcius

    hi i would like you to help me out my pc config(its really old): intel p4 2.66ghz msi 7010 mboard 768 mb ddr ram(400mhz) frontech 450 watts psu nvidia geforce 6200 agp win xp prof.sp2 seagate 80 gb hdd(maybe barracuda,not really sure) about a week ago when i was playing gta san andreas,some...
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