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  1. RohanM

    Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 with 5.1-inch screen

    One of the highest-caliber debuts at this year’s MWC, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was just unveiled at the Unpacked 5 event. The flagship opens a new chapter in Samsung's design – the back is still leather-like, but with a brand new look. We’re looking at a longer feature list fifth year in a row –...
  2. RohanM

    If you can't beat them, buy them; Facebook acquires whatsapp for $19 Billion

    :-? :cry: Source :- If you can't beat them, buy them: Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $16 billion
  3. RohanM

    Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 finally available for Rs.22,999

    Samsung this week started selling its new Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone, bringing it to market a bit later than initially expected. For now, the Galaxy Grand 2 seems to be available only in India, where its dual SIM version costs $374 (or Rs.22,999 in local currency). A single SIM model also exists...
  4. RohanM

    Qualcomm shows camera improvements coming with Snapdragon 805 Source
  5. RohanM

    Buying advice - wi-fi router

    Hello all, I am using BSNL BB with wired modem since 5 years. Now I wanted my mobiles to get connected to my BB. So which wi-fi router should I get ? With modem or without (as I already having a wired one !1) I am confused. :-? what is the use of wi-fi router without modem ?? Please...
  6. RohanM

    Creative EP-630 or Sennheiser CX 180 In-ear-canalphone

    Hello Guys, Please help me choose between these. Sennheiser CX 180 Creative EP-630 Creative EP-660 Earphone SoundMAGIC PL11 Headphone Also if u have any other suggestion do tell.. My budget is around 1k. I am a Bass head.... !! Thanks in Advance.
  7. RohanM

    Porsche Design BlackBerry: The Most Beautiful Phone No One Will Buy

    The new Porsche Design P'9982 smartphone from BlackBerry instills a sense of quiet irony: This is BlackBerry's most beautiful phone ever and you'll probably never spot one in the wild. It's also one of the most expensive phones on the market (Vertu notwithstanding), selling for nearly $2,400...
  8. RohanM

    Laptop buying query

    Hello TDF, My friend wants to buy below mentioned laptop. He is aksing whether he can install win 7/8 on it, as it's mention that it comes with ubuntu pre-installed. HP Pavilion 15-n011TU Laptop TIA.
  9. RohanM

    Samsung said to release the Galaxy S5 in January

    According to Korean media outlets citing sources inside Samsung, the Galaxy S5 will see its official announcement in January next year. The earlier than expected release is dictated by the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S4. It appears that despite the excellent sales performance of the...
  10. RohanM

    Flipkart Gone Mad. - 7850 for 50k

  11. RohanM

    Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete 'was a mistake'

    Microsoft's co-founder claims that an IBM keyboard designer created the function and wouldn't allow a single button to access the login screen. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has admitted what quite a few Windows users have been thinking for a long time: control-alt-delete is an unnecessary...
  12. RohanM

    CyanogenMod 10.1.3 stable builds now rolling out

    CM stable users, it's time to update your ROM – the final build of 10.1.3 is rolling out to right now. We saw the last version bump to the stable channel back in July with 10.1.2, and this update brings about "numerous bug fixes, new devices, and privacy guard" according to Cyanogen Inc...
  13. RohanM

    One Day with GTA 5

    In the beginning of Grand Theft Auto 4, Niko Bellic was just trying to live a normal life. The first few missions were all about getting set up in America, maybe going on a date, and essentially laying low until everything blew up. It was boring as sin. Within a few minutes of booting up GTA 5 I...
  14. RohanM

    UPS Query

    Hello all, We are having a Microtek inverter [800 kv] in our house as there is issue of load shading always. That inverter is also having an UPS mode. But somehow sometimes it not function, my pc gets reboot whenever there is a power cut [ not always but sometime] this already costed my one HDD...
  15. RohanM

    Nokia tested Android on Lumia devices before the Microsoft deal

    A report by the New York Times sheds light on what Nokia’s future could have looked like without Microsoft in it. Allegedly, the Finnish company was testing Android on Lumia devices before the deal with Microsoft was announced. Nokia had the option to get out of the Microsoft partnership...
  16. RohanM

    My New GPU - HD 7750

    Got my graphics card from flipkart for 7k. :-)
  17. RohanM

    Former Nokia CEO launches Newkia; to make Android phones

    Ever thought how a Nokia-branded Android phone would be? Nokia fans who wanted the company to embrace Android would find this piece of news interesting. The Finnish company’s former Asia-Pacific CEO Thomas Zilliacus has founded a company called Newkia, and hopes to built Android phones that...
  18. RohanM

    Need Earphones For Nexus 4

    Hello TDF, I am still using my old LG headsets that came with LG optimus net... I wanted a good headsets for my N4 now... budget = Rs.800 - 1k I don't need mic - volume controls, play pause are welcome(remote) Bass must be tight. I am also using my friends tekfusion [white version] they are...
  19. RohanM

    Mouse under 500

    Hello, Please suggest a best mouse under Rs. 500 Usage - Normal gaming & casual. home pc. PS2/USB - any.. Thanks.
  20. RohanM

    Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 spotted running Android 'Key Lime Pie'

    Google may have rolled out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean a few weeks back, but that doesn't seem to have stopped the search engine giant from testing the next OS version. The Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4 have been spotted with a build number KRS36B, suggesting Google might already be testing the next...
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