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  1. adithyagenius

    Creating plugins in Outlook 2003 && Database?

    I want to to create a plugin which adds an option in right click menu of selected text or contact which causes the text or e-mail addresses to be sent to certain mail address along with some other static text. I was told I would need to learn visual studio to do that. I have visual studio 2008...
  2. adithyagenius

    Need Advice: Headphones 6k-12k

    I have FLAC and mp3 is 320kbps. Razer Barracuda is useless for music and its built in soundcard can't handle eax hd. It has bad reviews everywhere except game sites which test with multiplayer LAN games where people are less worried about sound quality. I have sennheiser HD595 in my mind but I...
  3. adithyagenius

    Need Advice: Headphones 6k-12k

  4. adithyagenius

    Need Advice: Headphones 6k-12k

    Hi everyone! I have a high end system with X-Fi Titanium. Is my sound card enough to drive headphones in my price range? I might occasionally connect it to my phone during bus rides in company bus (i will have a seat) or car. I don't care about portability or if quality drops due to lack of amp...
  5. adithyagenius

    What is the price of Antivirus in India ?

    How much is Norton antivirus 2009? Is gaming edition available here?
  6. adithyagenius

    Can Tagan TG600-U37 handle Phenom 2 and a (gtx 275 or gtx 260) at full load.

    TX750 isn't good. TX650 is awesome. 650tx and 750tx are from different manufacturers.
  7. adithyagenius

    anybody used ExpressGate??

    I had it at first. Good to see if there is any virus in USB. But I now have RAID. ExpressGate doesn't support RAID. It also slows down booting by waiting for your response. If you have a very sensitive mouse which might move due to vibrations. Its even worse.
  8. adithyagenius

    nVidia's GT 300 will have 512 SHADERS and DX11

    Is GTX350 flagship like GTX280 was or are they launching slow one first?
  9. adithyagenius

    HD 4770 CFx beats HD4890 SWEET!

    No, you will have to upgrade mobo to 16x xfire one, psu and still get only fps increase. The problem is micro stuttering is visible when games goes from 60 fps to 40 fps. So your min fps requirement goes upto 60 compared to 30-35 for single card. Until is AFR synchronization is researched multi...
  10. adithyagenius

    Nvidia reclaims the top spot with GTX 295

    Gtx 280 and 260 have been performance crowns at reolutions lower than 19*12. This is released to take the performance crown for resolutions of 24" and higher. At 1680 GTX260+ beats 4870x2 in world at war according to this preview. Most of fps are overkill. No use upgrading yet. Also 4870x2 uses...
  11. adithyagenius

    GTA Heaven

    What about GPU usage?
  12. adithyagenius

    Windows 7 performance whoops Vista and XP

    I don't trust 'tune up' utilities. Most of the tune up utilities for xp did more bad than good.
  13. adithyagenius

    intel core i5

    I am looking for improvements over wolfdale in gaming. Small L2 cache is very bad for gaming. Extra cores are no use. DDR3 costs lot more than ddr2 and provides insignificant performance increase. That money would be much better spent on gfx card. HT was bad for gaming in p4 era. I hope that...
  14. adithyagenius

    Windows 7 performance whoops Vista and XP

    Totally agree with you. My HP laptop was too slow. Tried all kinds of tweaks and defragmenting utilities. Tried uninstall everything, reinstalled vista using restore discs. Then finally, I used untouched copy of vista from torrent and installed using my OEM CD key. . I had to call MS to get it...
  15. adithyagenius

    GTA Heaven

    Should I buy this game. I am reading in various forums and blogs that this game is unable to use graphics card fully and using processor more. I also read that textures are still bad . I want to know if I can play the game as I have a good gfx but budget processor. My config Vista64 E8500...
  16. adithyagenius

    GTA Heaven

    Is there any downside to buying Indian Edition of GTA IV, like censorships or some modifications which might make it incompatible with patches and mods released for the normal edition?
  17. adithyagenius

    Digit Archive ? ? ?

    Digit Archive is really needed.
  18. adithyagenius

    Which gaming mouse?

    1. sidewinder is large and it feels to flimsy under the weight of my hand. 2. Genius 535 Navigator has awesome ergonomics and features but its mouse click is hard. Everything else is awesome. I they soften the click it will be the best mouse. Its 1.8k -2k 3. Copperhead has a rubber grips on...
  19. adithyagenius

    ASUS Xonar DX my New Upgradis !!

    you are not the first to purchase. My room-mate purchased it long time ago from a shop in hyd. We had to convince asus guys and the asus's dealer in hyd to get it. They took made us wait for 4 months for official launch in Hyd. It had awesome quality but it has so many bugs mainly due to PCI-E...
  20. adithyagenius

    5.1 Speakers under 20k!

    x-fi titanium will take around 6 months to come to india officially. But I may get a 2 or 3 cards from cyberstar india. They will import em from singapore.
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