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  1. amitash

    Job in India after Masters in the US

    Hey, Im planning to do my masters in CS from the USA but I really need to get back to India for a job as soon as I complete MS there.. What is the scope for this? Is it hard to get employment? What will be the pay like here after a masters?
  2. amitash

    BSNL online directory unsafe?

    Today i tried to look for a phone number in the bsnl online directory and guess what? firefox kept blocking it and when i clicked diagnose, it told me this:
  3. amitash

    spliting vocals from a music track

    Hey, i regularly need to split vocals from a music track and retain the music track...I have found many softwares that claim to do this but none of them work satisfactorily....Is there anyway to do this? thx.
  4. amitash

    Fake ipl player

    Hey, i found this and boy is it funny: Apparantly its a player playing for KKR in the ipl and he brings us nice stories from inside in a humourous way...Is he a player or not? I have no clue... He uses an array of nicknames for all the ppl involved in the ipl and a...
  5. amitash

    counter strike source

    Hey, just got the urge to play css online...Are there any "private" servers in india?
  6. amitash

    book on python

    Please suggest a good book for learning python..I am a beginner and I want to learn it from scratch...Also I want to start with gui's after Im done with learning the other parts and I want to know which kit to use with it like QT or Tkinter...Please suggest books for these too.
  7. amitash

    laptop suggestion required

    Hi my friend needs a laptop for around 35k....He will use it mainly for watching movies and surfing, no gaming...please suggest.
  8. amitash

    52" LCD required

    Hi i need a 52" LCD TV with full HD capability...budget is 2 lakhs...can be extended by another 20-30k if necassary...preferebly it should be a sony Bravia.
  9. amitash

    Vista reinstall issue

    HI i had bought orriginal windows vista ultimate 64 bit and installed it on my older config with msi eclipse since i have the new gigabyte mobo i want to re-format and reinstall windows on the new setup...Now how do i go about doing this without voiding my license as there was a change...
  10. amitash

    intel core i5

    Well here it is and some benchmarks...Due to arrive at the earliest at april or may..mostly june-july though see benchmarks here Keep in mind its still a sample. Will this be the main competetitor in the...
  11. amitash

    My core i7-920 and MSI x58 ECLIPSE review

    INTEL CORE i7-920 and MSI X58 ECLIPSE: Well i finally managed to get my hands on the new and improved generation..So lets get right on it: Current Config: CPU--INTEL CORE i7-920 (stock: 133*20) Motherboard--MSI X58 ECLIPSE (intel x58/ICH10R) Memory--6GB (3x2GB) G-Skill Tripple channel DDR3...
  12. amitash

    dvd drive problem

    Help my sony DVD rw drive doesnt open unless theres a disk in it...I have to use a pin but it always open wen theres a disk in it.
  13. amitash

    My Farcry2 Benchmarks

    HI everyone..just thought id post the game benchamarks i ran...Also i would like you to observe the difference the hotfixed drivers make in the game especially on crossfireX platforms...all benchmarks are run in the small ranch with the following config: 1.Q6600 at stock speeds 2.GeCube...
  14. amitash

    FarCry 2 Will be DX 10.1..AMD releases hotfix

    Source: EDIT: The new Hotfix drivers for DX 10.1 and farcry 2 are them here
  15. amitash

    asus rampage extreme preview

    Read the entire preview here :
  16. amitash

    Crysis warhead extreme stuttering

    HI as u can see from my sig my rig should be able to play crysis warhead atleast at gamer settings but im not able to play it at any setting at all...IT stutters alot and is almost unplayable at any setting....Is there any fix for this? I wondered if my RAM was at fault...maybe 2GB is too less...
  17. amitash

    Can you beat ussain BOLT??

    Theres an awesome little flash game from puma...pit urself against usain bolt in a key mashing contest..visit here for more
  18. amitash

    great motherboards

    HI with the new p45 and x48 chipsets I want to know which is very good vfm both in p45 and x48...looking forward to replies thanx
  19. amitash

    cod4 on hamachi

    HI i want to play cod4 on hamachi...i have hamachi installe now i need instructions on how to see and join the server in the game
  20. amitash

    playing videos on old ipod photo or nano

    I never found a thread about this in this forum so here goes. I have an old ipod photo which was gathering dust and doing nothing so i thought..y not experiment abit with it? I wanted to install ipod linux but a windows installer isnt available on the net anywhere as the site is...
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