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    Looking to buy a mobo to pair my i5-6600k , suggestions needed

    Hello everyone I have recently purchased a i5-6600k and lookong for a good mobo , i understood that i require a z170 to make good use of that processor since it is unlocked 'k' version. But which z170 i have to go for ? My budget is 10k and i was going for msi but i heard msi doesn't have a...
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    Digilite Motherboard Bios Update required.

    Hello Everyone I got to know the reason the new graphic GTX 1060 isn't working on my Dl-b75m due to bios update issue. Sadly when i check with their website they don't have any support/downloads for the bios of their mother boards. Also when i checked by opening the case of my Cpu , my...
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