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    Can Vintage Chip/Digit Magazines be sold through this Bazaar Forum

    I have with me the entire collection of Chip and Digit magazines right from the very first four introductory issues( priced at 80 bucks , ) from April 1998 till to date ( without CD/DVD). I have kept all these issues since the last 13 plus years for purely nostalgic reasons.For some...
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    How to view locked images / Albums in Orkut?

    Ripping off the idea from another thread on orkut started by me ...It just struck me whether there is a way out to view someone's locked album to which you are not allowed access. Earlier Orkut had no such concept as locked or unlocked albums. Is doing so legal or comes under the...
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    Is Mobile Colours a function of it's Operating System?

    Is the Number of Colours of the screen a function of the operating system of the mobile ? I mean I have often ( though not confirmed ) observed that mobiles running on Windows Mobile OS have a screen resolution of just 65K colours unlike those running on Symbian OS which presently goes upto...
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    How many here (In India ) don't use any UPS?

    I am just a bit curious to know how many of us folks here don't use any UPS for power back up . Please also mention your reason for not using one along with your location . How many using a CVT / Servo Stabilizer also along with an UPS?
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    Do SMPS's ( PSUs) have any compatibility issues with a UPS / CVT / Home UPS

    To all Cooler master , Antec and Corsair PSU owners Are you guys on a UPS / CVT or without it ? Could you please post the make and ratings of your SMPS and UPSes / CVTs? Please. Thanks PS 1: Very humbly I am requesting you all to spare some valuable time of your's and...
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    Do I have to repurchase Win XP home if I am upgrading my entire hardware?

    I have a genuine copy of Windows XP home edition Sp 2 installed on my computer whose config is - Mother Board : Asus K8S-MX ( on board sound and graphics) Processor : AMD Athlon 64 , 2800+ 2*512 MB RAM , Sony DVD drive with a local powersupply claiming to be 45o watts ( navtech ) on...
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    Free Virtual Harddisks on the web offering unlimited space?

    Are there any websites which offer free , unlimited ( If not unlimited then atleast a few GB) space to upload files ( many at once option and not one by one manually) I mean say I wanna upload 2 Gb of photos on the web for someone to view , can I do so by selecting all the files at once and...
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    What is the Rectification for the Power Calibrating error

    I am uanble to burn any cd or dvd at any speed or with any burning software and repeatedly getting the Power calibrating error . What are the reasons for this error and what all are the remedies ? How do I clean the lens of my dvd/cd writer .My system is 3 years old and I have never before...
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    Compatability of a Power Supply ( SMPS) with a home UPS

    Hi there , I wish to upgrade my smps( Navtech 450 W) and as regards that I am clueless as to whether my new SMPS would be compatible with my present home UPS ( Microtek 810 VA) , ie suppose I go for a 1000 W cooler master SMPS , do I have to upgrade my Home UPS / Inverter also .My home UPS...
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