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    How is the corsair rm1000x psu?

    Hi everyone. I am thinking of buying the corsair rm1000x psu for my desktop. need advice about the quality of the same, as it has been quite some time since I had purchased a corsair psu.
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    Issue with Linksys wrt54g router

    Hi everyone, I am facing a strange issue with the router mentioned. Whenever I connect the cable modem to the router, it stops working after about 2 mins. By that I mean, destination ( becomes unreachable while pinging. If I disconnect the modem and restart the router, I can ping it...
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    [Query] zotac india warranty policy

    hi everyone. I am thinking of buying a GTX 1070 for my new comp, as my HD7850 has died. I want to get the Zotac Amp edition, as the 5 yrs warranty seems very appealing. Could any of you tell me if their service / warranty in Kolkata is good enough or if I should go for some other brand? - - -...
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    Which G Skill DDR4 RAM to buy

    Hi, I am confused by the various G Skill DDR4 RAM models available in the market. I have narrowed it down to either of the two - 1) 1*16 GB Aegis (G.Skill Gaming Series Aegis F4-2400C15S-16GIS 16GB DDR4) 2) 2 * 8 GB Ripjaws V (RipjawsV DDR4 F4-2400C15D-16GVR 16GB) Both seem to have 10 years...
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    i7 4790k + gigabyte z97x gaming 7

    Hi all, I was contemplating getting a new processor + motherboard for my desktop setup. I am particularly inclined towards the i7 4790k as apart from gaming, I would also want to setup some virtual machines on it, with ample processing power to spare for my host system. I believe the...
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    Alliance Broadband Kolkata has introduced new plans in new year!

    Hi everyone, wish you all a very happy new year! Here's some good news for the Kolkatans - Alliance Kolkata seems to have introduced new plans in the new year. Take a look Alliance Kolkata New Plans
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    sandisk ssd plus 240 gb

    Hi, I want to buy a sandisk ssd plus 240 GB ssd from ebay. can anyone suggest if it is good enough at INR 5380?
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    Xperia Z Ultra - Is it a good buy @13990?

    Since last week, I have been seeing the Xperia Z Ultra occasionally becoming available for INR 13990. Plz advise if it is a good buy at this price.
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    alliance broadband switching to coaxial cable modem

    I have recently seen alliance broadband connections in the neighbourhood being switched to cable modem. Earlier a single RJ45 cable would reach the customer which he could connect to a router or the LAN port of the computer, configure the static ip and he would be ready to connect. Now, the RJ45...
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    APC 1100VA UPS not starting up

    Hi, I have an APC 1100VA UPS for my desktop (BR1100CI-IN). Last Sunday onwards, it started acting weirdly. Whenever I try to switch it on (with or without my PC components plugged in), the green light first blinks as usual. Then, after a few seconds, the light goes out and there is a continuous...
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    local sharing in alliance broadband network

    Hi all. A friend of mine wants to share some files with me. As alliance provides static ip and both of us use alliance for internet, I was wondering if it would be possible to search for his computer over the network and get the files over it. Any help / suggestion in this regard would be...
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    configuring alliance broadband for static ip (linksys wrt54g)

    hi all, I need to configure my wireless router (linksys wrt54g) for alliance broadband. could any of you point me to some related link or tutorial? I tried doing it by changing the connection type to static ip in the config page and entering the details which the cable guy provided on the...
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    Strange issue with SMART status of external HDD

    hi guys, I recently bought a western digital elements 1 TB HDD. While checking for SMART status with the data lifeguard diagnostics utility, the status is shown as FAILED. However, with other tools like HDDScan / CrystalDiskInfo, the status is always shown as PASS. The drive is usable though and...
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    bsnl 2g or 3g

    hi all. i am gonna get a bsnl sim for data access only. shud i go for a 2g sim and convert the connection to 3g later or get the 3g sim directly? could someone plz advise? i'm in the kolkata circle of bsnl.
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    suggestion for new internal hdd

    hi guys, my seagate hdd (500 gb) went kaput and i need to buy a new one. considering the higher warranty of WD hdds, i have decided to go for them. however, with so many types available (blue, black, green) i wonder which i should go for. could the experts kindly suggest, alongwith price, if...
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    battery > 2000 mAh for Samsung galaxy s advance

    hi everyone. i am planning to buy a samsung galaxy s advance for myself and wanted to know if i could get an original samsung 2100 mAh battery and replace the 1500 mAh battery that comes with it. if not, could i get hold of a 3rd party battery of similar power?
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    [Complaint] Hitachi Service for AC installation in Kolkata

    Hi everyone, I purchased a hitachi 1.5 ton AC on the 15th of April, with the product being delivered on the 18th (service request for installation raised on the same day). After that, I have called the customer care number (35324848) 3-4 times. Everytime some very apologetic personnel assured me...
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    headphone extension cable

    hi everyone, i am planning to buy a headphone extension cable for use while watching movies on my desktop. found this on flipkart- Headphone Extension Cable any suggestions/opinions regarding price/quality or other available options will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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    are hitachi ACs worth the extra money?

    hi everyone. i'm planning to buy a window AC (1.5 Ton) for my house. i have been told by some of my neighbours and friends that hitachi ACs are very good. is it true? moreover, is it worth the extra money, compared to samsung/lg ? also, if someone could suggest some models, it would be very helpful.
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    need advice on new processor, motherboard and RAM

    hi everyone, my earlier motherboard died about a week back. so i was contemplating buying a new mobo (that means a new processor and RAM too, as the current ones are unsupported). i know i could go with some old mobos still available in the market, but RMA would cause a problem. so, could you...
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