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    Acer Aspire 4740G or Dell Studio 15??

    Well which one is better guys, here are the configs: Acer 4740G ( Intel i5 , nvidia 310m 512 mb, 4gb ram and 500 gb hard disk, 14 inch) OR Dell Studio 15 (i3 processor, 2 gb ram and 320 gb hd, with ati 4500 card (512 mb), 15 inch) I'm from Nepal, and this is literally the last two...
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    Dell Studio 15 and Dell Inspiron 5010

    hey guys, what's the main difference between the two laptops. Well, when i checked them out, the ram was the same, but dell studio has a faster processor but it had only 512md graphics. Dell studio also had a firewire port. So which one is better? And is it worth investing 5000 more for dell...
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    Dell Inspiron N5010. vs ?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an all rounder student laptop. The other day, i was going through the reasonable list of student laptops and i found Dell Inspiron N5010 to be good enough to suit my needs with its Ati Card and 15 inch screen. Are there any laptops that can outperform Dell N5010 and...
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    Confusion in buying a laptop

    hi guys, i'm a student just starting my bachelors level from this august and i need a new laptop. Besides the usual academic stuffs, i need a system where i can edit my photos and bit of videos, great video playback and audio recording too. Well i don't have enough buck to get a super high end...
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    Bachelor of Buiness Information System (BBIS) confusion!?

    Hi guys, I just finished my A levels and the college i am planning to enroll in has two options: BBA and BBIS. I was not quite sure how BBIS faired in the real world. I couldn't really fine many colleges offering this program either. Any user here at Digit has taken this programme? and do you...
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    earning $ from youtube?

    guys, is there a way to earn some $ from youtube? like blogs, can adsense be applied in youtube too?
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    Saving SMS from phone on the computer.

    Hey guys, is there a way i can transfer my sms from my phone (Sony Erricsson k810i). My inbox is all filled up, 970 txts, and i cannot receive anymore txts.
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    Jan 2010 Mindware DVD soundtrack!!!! ANYONE!!

    Hey guys, i was wondering what was the song on the Mindware dvd of Jan 2010 Digit Magazine. The song is so addictive! I searched it on the playware music tracks, couldn't find it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANyone! Please let me know the song! and the artist too!
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    .exe virus trouble. Plz help

    A virus has infected my pc. Most of the folders in my computer gets cloned with .exe version. And when i delete it, it again returns back. Is there a solution to delete the .exe files permanently?
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    text problem

    i'm having text problem in my computer. The text seems blurry, separated somewhat. I had recently switched from Crt monitor to lcd monitor. I have installed all the required drivers too. Are there any text quality enhancing software??
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    Urgent mobile net help!!!

    Hi guys,plz help on dis1,i recently putd net on my mob n da prob is net works fine on opera but da 'connectin' screen gets stuck in instant messg eg ebudy,morange,nimbz etc. Wats da prob? Plz help!
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    best lcd monitor 17-18 inch

    hi guys..plz suggest the best lcd monitor..of 17 to 18 not too familiar on this plz...provide ur help...
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    increasing net's speed

    hey guys, can you please recommend me some softwares that helps to push the net speed further. I have a net thats shared between 4 computers so its awfully slow. Total bandwidth available is 128kps. Help
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    Clipping portions of Dvds

    Hi guys, can you guys plz suggest me some softwares that can cut certain portions of dvds and export them as single files? I really need them for my project,so im looking forward to your help.
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    SE 580i or Nokia Xpress 5320

    hi guyz, my dad's in a real big dilemma on whether to choose between Nokia Xpress 5320 or SE w580i. Which phone is better overall? and are there any other phone that beats both the phones and lie in the same price range?
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    Locking SE phones with passcode

    hi guyz, i was thinking how can i set up this lock in SE phone which only unlocks when i enter a passcode everytime the phone gets locked. I heard that i need to update the firmware and do some tweakings by pasting codes really totally lost in these stuffs...can u guys plz...
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    key code entry in SE phones

    hi guyz, is there any apps that allows entering KEY CODES to unlock SE phones?? i saw this feature on Nokia phones. Like when the Nokia phone gets locked, to unlock it we have to enter 4 or 5 digit code. Is there a way i can make this feature available in SE phone? my phone is k810i.
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    ipod ruined!

    hey guyz, one of my friend's ipod was dropped in bucket of water, it has been about 2 dayz since the incident and now the ipod opens but it acts really weird, sometimes the battery dies really quickly and sometimes song doesn't start and harddisk makes weird sounds. Does restoring the ipod fix...
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    Image Stabilizer in SE k810i

    Hi guyz, can't i use the Image stabilizer feature of k810i in every scenes i choose. By default i can only use it in "landscape" mode. Can't i also use it in "portrait" mode????plzzzz help
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    se phone: wallpapers and themes

    hi guyz, i bought this k810i, and i was wondering where can i get cool animated wallpapers and themes on the net!?
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