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    Warcraft 3 TFT OR ROC NOT DOTA

    Used to play it, fun days XD It's still one of the more competitive rts games and still a whole lot of fun :D mostly went with Night Elf
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    Dota 2

    Ahaha gold =))
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    File transfer one for all, all for one! Xender V3 review!

    Looks interesting :) might give it a shot and see how it goes.
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    Indeed. =)) again it's all good for fun and on-the-go games but nothing beats taking it easy, melting into your chair/couch then just playing on a console or pc/laptop XD
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    Open World IOS/ANDROID games

    Been having a lot of fun with Arcane Legends as of late, would definitely recommend it! Kinda has that Torchlight feel to it
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    Puzzle games for iPhone

    Flow Free is pretty darn addicting =)) specially when you play it timed.
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    Fallout Shelter

    The hype for Fallout 4 is real =))
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    Xbox 360 or Xbox One?

    Might as well go for the Xbox One if ever XD
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    Anime/Cartoon/Mangas Thread ~Giga Drill Breaker version~

    The feels on this post is just too much =)) amazing stuff from Ghibli definitely on my favorites list as well :D As for recent anime/manga I'd recommend Knights of Sidonia for sci-fi (manga/anime) Anime just ended with Season 2 and the manga currently on-going :)
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    PC Game Deals

    Thanks for this one! Was debating if I should have purchased during the sale :)
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    Diablo III Discussion

    Can't wait for the new content to hit :D That new cube and new difficulty! It'll be fun gearing again :D
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    Alternative to YouTube for protected streaming?

    For youtube your best bet is the unlisted option, you can also try Vimeo and you can add a password to the video :)
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    Payment Gateways

    For international I'd recommend PayPal, as for local - you may need to look it up or even check with banks in your area :)
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    steam games

    Woah thats pretty cool! Did not know that, will look into it :D seems like a fun perk.
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    How to gaine likes on Facebook?

    Will try it out TechnoBOY
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    Graphics Cards Hierarchy Chart & PSU Tables - 2015 Q2

    re: Graphics Cards Hierarchy Chart & PSU Tables - 2015 Q2 Great list and really appreciate the effort in compiling them. Definitely gonna help me trimming down the list for my rig upgrade XD
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    Fallout Shelter

    Oh man D: maybe you can wait for the Android version to pop up soon and try playing with an android emulator on the pc :D
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    Clash Of Clans

    Thanks for the response TechnoBOY :D yeah, giving it a quick read! thanks!
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    Tapatalk app discussion

    You might want to try with their direct support line especially with your 2nd issue of images not loading for you.
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    Fallout 4

    Can't wait for all the possible mods as well as the game itself :D
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