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    [Query] Logitech Service Mumbai.

    Hope someone can help me with this. Ok so I had a G300 (left and right click problem) which I took to service center in January which got replace with a New G300s. Now after two months the G300s started giving left click problems ( I play Cs a lot :p) so I went again as I thought my warranty...
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    Camera Phone under 20k.

    1. Budget? Max Budget is 20k and I will be buying with No Cost Emi only. 2. Display type and size? Anything between 4.7 to 5.7 inch. (5.7 inch is still a little big for me but i can manage if needed.) 3. Dual sim? Doesn't matter. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any brand as long as it...
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    Oneplus 3 Screen protector and Case

    Hello, My Sister in law just bought Oneplus 3 but the stock screen protector is not that good, it gets smudgy a lot with finger prints easily. So I need good quality Screen protector/Tempered glass which must be well smudge proof atleast. And please suggest some case to protect the camera...
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    Dell s2240l adapter replacement

    My friend's S2240L monitors Adapter went kaput. LITEON PA-1041-71 is the adapter model no which came with the monitor itself. I found one on amazon Liteon pa-1041-71 but it cost 3.2k which is a lot for my friend. And i think it is a US import that is why it cost so much so want something on...
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    Best Build Quality IEM/Earphone under Rs 1000

    I want Best Earphone under Rs 1000. My main priority is build quality. So please suggest. If earphones has mic then its great , its optional though. Please suggest ASAP
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    Cheap Headphones 500Rs -700Rs

    Hello, As the title says i need cheap Headphone under 700Rs( I am not that rich :\ :P) Will be using to Watch movies/tv series on PC only(And maybe TV ). Over the ear preferred as the are more comfortable on ear. I am looking into Sennheiser hd 180 , Panasonic RP-HT161E-K and Intex...
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