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    J7 core Battery Issue.

    Hi guys, The battery on my samsung j7 core(2016 uae) has been charging slow lately. I want to ask if is it possible to order a new battery online? If yes then which samsung battery will you suggest. The power adapter is original from the box ep-ta50uwe 100-240v. The usb port is on the under...
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    Hdmi issue

    Hi everyone, My LG full hd tv has only 1 hdmi port. I had a 1 in 2 out local splitter for switching between set top box and fire stick. Now recently when i plugged the fire stick into the splitter the display started flickering making sparking sounds. So I removed the splitter and directly...
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    Any case modders in Delhi/ncr?

    Hi everyone, I looked in reddit but couldn't find any modders. How to get in touch with indian modders. My desk can fit in 16 inch tall cabinets only so I was hoping a modder could improve my current navtech cabby for a ryzen build. Tia Aby
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    Internal hdd to external

    Hi everyone, What all will be required to convert my internal hdds to external? Which casing is best right now and what all cables and adapters will I need? TIA aby
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    Undergraduate Engineering Internships

    Hi everyone, My cousin is pursuing his automotive engineering in UK. He is back home now and he has to do some internship in his upcoming session break from April to September. Please suggest what internship openings are available for 1st year students that he can benefit from. Thanks Aby
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    Which 3.5mm phones to buy?

    Hi guys, Looking for a pair of earphones or headphones with mic within 2k with great sound. Right now I'll use them with my galaxy j7. I found realme buds 2 Iball decibel as it has multiple input...
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    Desktop Boot Issues

    Hi all, My desktop is not booting up. It gets stuck on starting windows. My hard drive is making some noises and when I changed the sata cable a different sound came but the machine did not boot. The original sata cable is in sata 1 port and the other sata cable is in sata 2 port on the mobo...
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    New Rig Query

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to buy a new pc/laptop for design /game dev/ and some aaa gaming when i feel like. I was contempelating this but this has 45% ntsc color support and that would not give me accurate...
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    Laptop servicing questions

    Hi all, My work laptop is a msi ge63vr 7rf apache pro, its warranty period ends soon. It has become a little sluggish and cooler boost is not able to keep it cool for long. I supect that dust is hampering cooler boost function. My question is does being in warranty period benefit me somehow...
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    Laptop for 15k

    Hi all, My driver wishes to buy a laptop within 15k and has asked for min 4gb Ram. What would you suggest in this budget that is worth purchasing and will not be a hassle after a few months? Thanks in advance, Aby
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    Urgent: In-ceiling speaker required

    Hi All, A new interior design job at work requires in-ceiling speakers specifically around 4 inch in total diameter. Please let me know what brands should I be looking at. I found out apart c3 are available for 4500 each. I require 2 pieces only. Are apart products reliable? Will they work...
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    Hi everyone, My note 3 has developed a problem. It is switching on but homescreen doesnt load , it says system process is not responding and ok and wait options appear on the dialog box. pressing the physical button twice does bring up the s voice assistant but thats all. Please tell me how...
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    Recover files from C drive after formatting.

    hi all, Please suggest me a software that can recover my "my downloads" folder from my previous installation of windows. It would be great if the software is completely free but do tell me if nominally priced option is a better way to go. Thanks Aby
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    Razer Phone

    hi guys, Will it be wise to grab the razer phone from the US right now? Thanks Aby
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    TV Suggestion

    Hi all, My LG LED TV had a white screen when i switched it on today there was faint banding within the white. if the unit is dead then ill need a new set. Please suggest the best TV for both A) below 20k B) below 30k. It would be splendid if a smart tv is possible in this budget other wise...
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    Display dilemma

    Hi all, My colleague just bought a new home pc and is having problem with the lack of new ports on the display. his config is msi b350 m mortar, ryzen 1500x, nvidia 710 gt 2gb ddr5. the mobo has upto display port and the card has hdmi but his monitor benq gl2460 has only vga and dvi. Please...
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    New Rig For Web/Graphic Design

    Hi all My colleague is looking to build a new multimedia +Workstation hybrid PC. Web/graphic design our top priority with suites like Corel Draw and Adobe CC apps used extensively. He is not into gaming or 3d but is into programming and web technologies.(might use three.js) I have suggested...
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    PC not starting

    Hi Everyone, My PC has two drives, a WD 500gb and a seagate 250 gb. few years back the seagate developed problems and i got it fixed. I got a WD 500gb and made it my primary drive with win 7 fresh install. Now last week when I switched on my system it was trying to load the windows XP that was...
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    Refurbished HP Designjet Plotter required

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a refurbished hp designjet plotter. Requirement is A0 page size with post script function. Please help me know of any vendors or which model will be the best for business. thanks in advance aby
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    Urgent:New Office Workstation for Architectural Big rendering

    Hello all Please help me out with this one. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: For our...
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