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  1. x3060

    english comedy movies!!!!!

    can any suggest me some comedy "money pit" thanks.... sorry to bother ...i know there are too many threads ....still, couldnt help :-D
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    Album art for music?

    i want a player that's capable of producing album art for my music collection , i recently downloaded one from a site ......123(u know).com, and it produces a thumbnail album art in place of default mp3 thumbnail that windows give (in my case foobar gives)...anyone knows about a player thats...
  3. x3060

    Windows Media player not getting closed

    hi, the problem that am facing with the windows media player is that its not getting closed even after clicking close.."it runs in background" obviously , i cant see it ...but can hear the sound of the video or song am playing. though am not using it for anything , but if i accidentally open...
  4. x3060

    need good sata dvd writer

    hi all, i need a good sata dvd writer, that can read somewhat scratched medium too...please help to find one.
  5. x3060

    Extended partition Wiped out !!!!Help :(

    hi, since its the new year, my vista has decided to wipe out my extended partition, it shows as unallocated :( i reinstalled vista, never touched the unallocated thing though, so i believe its just the partition table head that's missing if i can find and add or some thing i will get my...
  6. x3060

    Web page problem!!!

    hi all, i finally created a web page, the thing is it gets tiled once i increase the res more than 1024..... *how do i make the BG look me as it is in 1024, even when i move the comp's resolution heigher???.... thanks in advance for support.
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    dreamweaver queries ,plus some flash too!!!

    hi, please help me out in this *how do i change the page resolution in dreamweaver ,i need the site to be in 1024*768. *how do i make small flash box inside the site which has pictures in it & it changes continuously help here is greately appreciated.
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    kilukkam ring tone (mp3 really preferred )!!!

    hi, please help me out, if anyone has kilukkam ring tone, can you send it to me..or post it here or in mediafire or other ,that i can download . i would really appreciate if its mp3, if any can rip it from movie & provide is also great.
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    mini usb to 3.5 converter

    hi, am looking for a mini usb to 3.5 inch converter for my htc p3400, please tell me a site in india where i can order it at presently staying in bangalore (whitefield)...please inform if there is a shop where i can buy it. i just bought creative ep 630 for it. thanks for the...
  10. x3060

    Detecting time and date automatically using htc3400???

    hi guys , I bought htc3400 yesterday and I want to know how to detect timezone and date automatically like I do in k750i...... I.e from the network provider my case "airtel"... any idea guys????
  11. x3060

    Winrar Password recovery tool

    hi, i had a list of phone numbers and contacts that i had put in a rar file with some password a year back , the problem is that i forgot the password now...:( is there a password recovery tool for winrar that works????. please help.
  12. x3060

    connect internet with reliance ec325

    hi all, am finally in my home , reached today, i want to connect my reliance "usb modem" ec325 netconnect. to preferably "linux mint" , ubuntu, mandriva, fedora 8..... is there a method to do it?? awaiting for replies:)
  13. x3060

    Custom Distro

    Re: Linux Ghandigiri - Invitations for Everyone! why cant we make a Linux disto :-). i wish i could make one with all its bells. just that i dont know Linux much :-(. i wish you guys can take it up and build one :-).
  14. x3060

    Request: Mandriva 2008 The One

    hi all, i need a fast download site from where i can download mandriva 2008 (the one) edition this is the one that i am using now , i am only getting a speed of 105 KB/sec, any fast link is highly appreciated...:) ----------------------------------- alright , am downloading...
  15. x3060

    Ubuntu -restricted drivers installation help

    please help me . . its asking to put the dvd . . Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon dvd . . i have the damn dvd in the thing . . its not detecting it :-(. its this months digit dvd . .
  16. x3060

    tour in Linux , like watch and learn series . . (request)

    hi all , its a suggestion from my side . . am new to Linux and i was wondering , instead of putting articles if some one can actually put a video that i can watch and learn on how to make mp3 work with out net connection . and things like that so that it becomes much easy for a new user to get...
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