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  1. Nithu

    Please suggest me a good Graphics tablet.

    I’m an amateur artist, I just want to start my Digital art using Photoshop. So, I want a good Graphics tablet with low cost. I found out these two tablets in 1) Wacom Bamboo One Small Pen Tablet-CTE-460 for Rs.2,669/- 2) Wacom Bamboo Pen Small Pen Tablet-CTL-470 for Rs. 5,862/-...
  2. Nithu

    Best Netbook under 20k

    Need a good netbook under 20k for my friend. Main Purpose: Net surfing, movies, office applications. It must include DVD-RW/DVD-Rom.
  3. Nithu

    PC Around 25K

    The following configuration is for my friend. He is an Interior Designer. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? A: More of designing applications, like Auto CAD, 3DS Max etc. Casual gaming. 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more...
  4. Nithu

    Do you believe that aliens exist?

    Just came across an article that shows aliens came to earth 5000years ago... so what you think guys??... does they really exist?. Read More ->
  5. Nithu

    Best Digital Camera under 10K.

    Hey guys... I dunno much about digital cameras. Can u guys suggest me the best digital camera under 10K.. My requirements... > good optical zoom. > greater than 10MP. > Li-lon Battery. > video recording at 30fps. What you think about Samsung PL55? it has 5x optical zoom.
  6. Nithu

    Please Help!!... Memory problem.

    I have 2 x 2GB Transcend 800MHz DDR2 ram. Today i started to test it, because when doing 3d intensive works my system crashed several times giving me BSOD. So i started my test using Memtest86+. After 3 passes it gave me 92 errors in Test#7. Also I tested the ram stick one by one, but it...
  7. Nithu

    Best CPU Cooler under 2K

    Guys pls help me... My Q8200 reaches 59*c on idle and 74*c on load..... Can you suggest me best CPU cooler with good performance under Rs. 2000/-.... I have one more question, does the CPU cooler comes with cooling fan and thermal paste??...or purchase separately??.... Thnx in advance....
  8. Nithu

    Extra 30 minutes in DataOne??

    Hello friends... Hey Im using BSNL 500+ combo plan. If i disconnect my connection at 7:55 am and reconnect immediately do i get extra 30 minutes??
  9. Nithu

    Please HELP!!! Should i change my MoBo???

    Hai friends... After working with my new PC for one month. i started to hate my motherboard. i found lots minus points. (u can see my config in signature) Some of the very BAD:mad: minus points are does not support PCIe 2.0 (i really need this one), it has only 2 RAM slots working...
  10. Nithu

    CPU fan issue... HELP!!!

    Hi friends, I updated my BIOS to its latest version. But after that i found my Intel stock CPU fan is spinning at 2800+ rpm (I think previously it is at 1500+ rpm). is this normal or too fast ???? it also makes little noise. is there any way i can low it ??? I found one good thing my core temp...
  11. Nithu

    Dual or Single Channel. RAM???

    Hi Friends, I have 2 x 2GB Transcend 800MHz DDR2 RAM. My motherboard doesn't support Dual Channel memory:cry:. Is there any problem running in this mode ???? And one more question, if there is no problem then what will be the performance difference between Dual channel and Single channel RAM...
  12. Nithu

    Core temperature overheating or not?????

    Hai..... I'm using Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor with Intel stock cooler. My question is when i play some games the core0,core1,core2,core3 temp reaches 70-75 degree's :mad: and in normal state it reaches 55c-60c... is this is a problem???? I'm using Real Temp to monitor the temperature...
  13. Nithu

    Right click menu problem in Vista...

    When i right click on any folders or drives I'm getting the following menu :confused:. Why the explore option on top and open below? How to change this order? Anyone know why? :-(
  14. Nithu

    Digit Archive??? In which CD/DVD??

    Please anybody know about the last Digit Archive ? Where can i get this ? I mean in which months Digit CD/DVD?
  15. Nithu

    My computer config is OK or NOT?

    I bought new PC with the following configuration. Please tell me if it is OK or NOT... Processor : Intel Core 2 Q8200 Motherboard : ZOTAC nForce 610i-value RAM : 2 x 2GB Transcend DDR2 800MHz HDD : Seagate 500GB (ST3500320AS) DVD RW : LG PSU...
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