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  1. thewisecrab

    How is Bharatiya Vidyapeeth? Esp. Navi Mumbai

    I'm planning to apply at Bharatiya Vidyapeeth Deemed University. They have a college in Navi Mumbai. I need to know how good is it, the campus, placements, courses, etc. Googling gave me the official BVU site, with a link to the Navi Mumbai college, but the link is outdated. Absolutely...
  2. thewisecrab

    The Great Indian Govt. Debate

    I've been prompted about this a lot on #krow at freenode. Each time, I get a strange response. Well, since I got tired of typing out the same crap over and over again, I decided to make this thread. Whats it about? Its a response to everyone who says "well, you say you want get out of the...
  3. thewisecrab

    Need best possible phone < 5k

    My cousin needs a phone that suits his needs. Well, you know, music, camera, bluetooth,java support, gprs, etc. Stressing mainly on battery life, expandable memory and music (3.5mm jack with good loudspeakers) Any suggestions? Retailer also needed (see location) No brand preference, but...
  4. thewisecrab

    PM being spammed?

    What's this I get in my PM inbox? New naive member or spambot? Either way it sets a dangerous precedent :???: (I replied to this PM, but got no revert yet)
  5. thewisecrab

    How to run a simple java program on a Java ready phone?

    Hi all. Since my earlier posts here, I can say that I'm a bit more comfortable with Java now. ie, I can atleast write a few programs without help from friends/teachers. I'm studying Java as it's in my syllabus, not to be a programmer, but even so, that's going well. Anyway (back to the...
  6. thewisecrab

    Partitioning help needed...

    This is the status of my partition table on my 250GB HDD There were 2 logical partitions (62 gb and 13.1gb) which I deleted. I want to now create partitions of 50GB and 25GB. But as I had 2 logical partitions of 62 and 13.1 gb earlier, I cant merger them to make a 75 GB partition and then...
  7. thewisecrab

    How'z my blog?

    I recently launched my blog [If you count 5 months back as recent, then cool] (select my profile ->view homepage OR copy paste link from siggy, wont key in the blog here as I'm already getting phenominal amount of spam) Anyway, I was looking for some opinions. Not that n00bish kind of way, like...
  8. thewisecrab

    Attempting Recovery through Ubuntu...need help

    My friend's PC gave up on him a few days ago. I checked it and found that the boot loader has got corrupted, along with a few files going missing from the windows folder. My opinion is that most of the data can be salvaged before a full format by transferring data to another partition. I've...
  9. thewisecrab

    Anybody tried Rockbox?

    I have an PMP (Philips GoGear) manufactured about a year ago (bought it just 3 month back though) I'm really keen to try Rockbox on it, since it completely overhauls and improves the firmware. However, I'm a bit skeptical, since I'm not good at this and Rockbox has not been tested on Philips...
  10. thewisecrab

    Crash Course in Java or Self Study?

    As the title suggests, I barely managed to scrape through CS in junior college The portion mainly consists of Java, which I'm finding hard to comprehend :| The "Complete Reference in Java" has helped me a lot in the pracs exam (thanks to ashu888ashu888 for recommending that book :) ) But...
  11. thewisecrab

    Reverting back to XP from Ubuntu. Some queries.

    Hi guys. :) I need to free up some space on my already full HDD. I had installed Ubuntu on a separate 13 GB partition (2.86 GB as swap included) I learned quite a lot :wink: I need to recover these partitions back to NTFS on Windows due to space constraints (also, I may install Win 7 in about a...
  12. thewisecrab

    Many beeps heard at booting screen..

    I have an ASUS mobo with C2D proc (E4500) It's barely a year old. I get 3 sets of 7 beeps while of booting at the "Press DEL to enter BIOS" screen along with these messages: CPU Fan Error! CPU Over Voltage Error! Primary IDE Master Not Detected! Also, my CPU fan is working below par (seen...
  13. thewisecrab

    How to buy software in bulk?

    Suppose I'm looking to buy Vista/XP (I doubt whether XP will be available :|) along with Office 2007 for about 20-30 PCs. Do I have to buy individually for every PC? That works out to be really expensive. I think there is a way to buy them in bulk, but still remains relatively cheaper. Is it...
  14. thewisecrab

    Joe Satriani sues Coldplay for plagiarism

  15. thewisecrab

    Live Earth India Cancelled

  16. thewisecrab

    Run HD on my PC...which software?

    I have a C2D, 2 gig RAM and an nVidia 7300GT The specs are not a problem as HD movies and trailers are playing seamlessly and silky smooth on Ubuntu. My prob is that, I have K-lite Mega codec pack installed. When I opened the HD file with Media Player Classic, it gives me the following error...
  17. thewisecrab

    Need to create a site like help

    As the title suggests, I need to create a site like for my friend. (I mean I have offered to help, dont know if I can do it without plenty of help) I dont have much programming knowledge other than CSS and HTML (and a bit of Java, not sure where that will help) Atleast can I have...
  18. thewisecrab

    Cant Install any script with Installatron

    As the title says, On my new website , (With DA and Installatron) I finally decided to get down to business with the designing. While selecting the CMS (currently in 2 minds between Joomla and Drupal..anyway this is not the issue), after I click on install, I have to select the path. Now here's...
  19. thewisecrab

    Has My Ethernet port died???? :(

    I have an ASUS mobo (will post exact specifix later, am at cyber cafe now) My Internet was all fine, everything was smooth as silk (MTNL Triband, but i think it's not related to my problem) I was even accessing the forum last night (till about 12.30, 1 AM) Today, when I double clicked on Local...
  20. thewisecrab

    Help Icons are ugly....

    n00bish I know but the icons on my desktop have suddenly changed to the dos type rectangular box This prob is also there in the start menu It looks really ugly How do I fix it?
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