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    OS Installation Problem

    I think the problem is with ur memory, i think that the file to be written on the HDD is not being written on ur memory(RAM) properly, and here the problem starts ... and too check for ur BIOS settings and try different OS system, and ur laptop is new so i dont think there is any mess with ur...
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    How to block specific websites for a particular account in windows xp/7

    u can use the Anti virus suite like Avast having parental controls... and it is freee!!!
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    stopping processes in windows task manger

    ccleaner and Glary utilities r good software to remove the autorun applications in the pc !!!
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    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    AntiVirus Name: avast! free antivirus Free or Paid: free!!!! hurray Price in INR [If Paid]: Rs. 000/- Protection Type: provides everything what can be expected of a Internet antivirus suite, with firewall and Sandbox!!! also supports Real-time protection against all Internet threats(Web...
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    A curious case!!!

    its a week long problem with my hp-compaq preasrio 1720il bundled out with ATI Raedeon xpress 200 series graphic card/adapter(512 MB memory shared with RAM). My problem is that after a use of my PC to 10-15 minutes, its starts to flicker and goes on continuously ... leads to difficulty in...
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