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    Icc world cup 2015

    Hello friends this time of starting world cup. But I'm personally feel this indian team not going to creck first round A selection of Indian cricket team is seem totally wrong they not selected zahir khan as he is one who are played important roll in world cup2011 and experience is...
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    how to start own computer institute

    Hello all I'm ignou mca last semester student. I'm thinking to start my own computer institute in my city bhuj kutch. But I'm beet of nervous be coz there us many computer institute already have like NIIT NICE etc. So how does one can get success j this area? I have core knowledge of html...
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    Any Gpsc/upsc passed here?

    I would know any one in this forum who passed gpsc/ upsc prilim and main exam. How can crack and how to prepare for that. In these day im consontrate on compititive exams. Basicaly im MCA student.
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    Help in php website

    I need to know after learn php from w3shools i want to learn how php code used when we design website with (css,html) , i want website that learn and do practice step by step process for developing php website
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    sbi clerk exam

    how can we pass sbi clerk bank exam? What kind of preparetion should do?
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    Traveling Problem in Job

    Friend i apply for job and i think i will get it early. But my problem is i apply'd job which is FAR awey 55 Klmeter. From my city i have to travel everyday by bus if i join the job. And this make me firstartion. Coz i hate traveling. For job. Even i have to reach at 9:30 to 10 am at job. OMG. I...
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    Heir fall problem

    Hi friends im 30 i have heir falling problem since 4 years(my all family members have good heir grawth) i started to taking tablets but its nt working well. then i stop to take tablets my heir nt falling in center of my head at its falling at start up head area i want some easy and naturel wey...
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    Google blog/website and adsense

    Friend i want to know wether can i make website/blog for clints and made earn? By using and also using google blogger? Also want to know if i wud signup for google adsense then how is profitable
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    How to start own web developer business

    Hello friend currently im in last sem of ignou MCA. im learnined css n Now move to php vie w3shools if i do complited to learn after that I WANT TO START MY OWN BUSINESS FRM HOME AS WEB DEVELOPER FOR THAT HOW SHOULD I START AND HOW TO BE PROFASSIONAL WEB DEVELOPER ? (As i get work from customer...
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    cresing problem

    hello friend my pc is crasing and if i start any task one bye one then program(task) like my compute my documentst, firefox etc are crasing And I MUST HAVE TO DO END OF TASK THIS PROB START FROM I START USING INTERNET VIE MOBILE TO PC , I ALSO SCAN THE SYSTEM MANY TIMES AND ALSO REINSTALLD...
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    what next after CSS

    hello im learning css i want to know what language sould i learn for be come web developim thinking to start php bt many people say php is hard to learn compare with t what to do? And also want to learn after developing website how can i host the website and how much i can earn.
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    what is value of pgdca?
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    Job bas on PGDCA

    hello friend im ignou MCA 3rd year student i completed my PGDCA (2 sem of mca) Just now i want go for job so what job i can get bas on PGDCA? Tx
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    job in compney other then devloper or technicel

    Hello im new here hello to all im ignou mca 3rd year student i recently completed PGDCA(1year all paper of mca) but in my place there is not even on IT company in (kutch) and im also havent learn php asp web releted language its seem very hard, then quetion is what kind of job i cen get in...
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