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    ** All USB EVDO/HSDPA (3.5G) data cards or modems queries here **

    Doubt I've been holding from a while. Is BSNL EVDO/CDMA Coverage better than 2G/3G GSM ones. Because I'm considering an Internet soln on Go and seems like 3G Coverage is poor in Basement of my home (i.e. Even in main part of Chennai) It works excellent in terrace. Would considering EVDO type...
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    WIFI router for BSNL EVDO

    How about LAVA 3G – EVDO WiFi Router – W200 ??
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    Review: Sony Xperia Neo V

    Great Review Man... As, It not bundled with Native Xvid/DivX feature, Have u got any suitable Video player for ur Neo V??? Also, R u able use Play/Pause key in wired Headsets, available externally with ur Neo V???
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    BSNL Dataone some sites not accessible? Here is the Solution:-

    Another Simple and Easy way Just Go to FLYPROXY.COM and enter your website like, etc. Works slow but Good....;-)
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    Unlocking Micro SD Card..

    I too have this same problem.I think that this does not have solution except going to mobile service center and reflash it .So far,I have not done this,but soon....
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    Alternatives For Nero

    CDCurnerXP is good CD/DVD Burner,but it lacks only writing the DVD-Video files to DVD.In that way Burn Aware Free is good.
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