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    A phone within 8k....please help....

    +1 for Redmi 2 prime
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    Need a phone for under 10k.

    Go for Moto E second gen. Its the best for your needs. Although I personally use Xiaomi Redmi 2 prime and despite being Chinese brand, its awesome.
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    Need a new mobile under 15k

    Hello friends, I need to buy a new mobile phone between 10k to 15k. I have read the forums thoroughly but I have a different kind of question which is not exactly covered here. I don't care about the OS. I am a full time linux user on the PC. Therefore, I like to tinker. So, I was searching...
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    Humble Bundle for Android 4

    hey guyz. can someone please buy me this bundle for 1 or 2 dollars. I ll pay u by recharging ur cell fone. please folks, my card is not working and the bank is not helping out. my e-mail is
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    Humble Bundle for Android 4

    help me anyone. plz gift me this bundle. just pay $1 as I already have machinarium. I will recharge your mobile or will pay you by money transfer. my e-mail address is Thanks in advance.
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    Suggestion in buying handheld console?

    Thnx for the suggestions folks. Well, I am not a hardcore gamer and I love simple games and old school RPGs(Chrono Trigger on SNES is my favorite). So I honestly don't care about PSP vita or whatever. I play GBA games on my PC using visualboy advance and would like to play them on a handheld. I...
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    Suggestion in buying handheld console?

    Dear friends, I want to buy a handheld console for playing GBA games. Will it be okay to buy the Mitashi Game-In Play-On(Handheld Games, Hand held Player Game-in Playon compatible with 32Bit cartridges) or should I go with the nintendo gba sp? Does nintendo provide any warranty for its products...
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    Micromax MMX372G 3g usb modem config in linux mint 8

    I've purchased a Micromax MMX 372G 3g usb modem with a BSNL 3G sim card in India. It is automatically mounted as a storage device. I referred to google and learned about usb_modeswitch. I used usb_modeswitch and I'm able to actually recognize the modem at /dev/ttyUSB1. I tried Network Manager as...
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    The Distro Request Thread

    Need Linux Mint 8. If anyone has it. Plz pm me. I can send cd via courier if required.
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    buying a new TV

    hello frnds, m planning on buying a new TV set for myself. Please help me choose between samsung and videocon
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    Want urgent help...

    Dear friends. I've got the harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban game but its not running on my system. I've checked the requirements and mine are very fine. My system configuration is Pentium 4 with 512 mb ram and 32 mb video ram and also intel 82845G chipset. The problem is that when I run...
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