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    A good overall config for ~ 50K

    Needed : A good overall config for ~ 50K Hi Guys! I'm looking to buy a system for arnd 50k, One option I had was to go the branded way.... potentially get a Dell XPS 8300 for 58K (i5 2310, 24" monitor, 1 gig 6770) Here's the questionnaire : 1. What is the purpose of the computer...
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    Need Hard Drive for Storing stuff!

    Hey guys, I just ran out of space in my rig, so I'm thinking of adding another hard drive, budget is about 3-4 k (extendable). I need a hard drive for storing my collection (music, movies, games etc) It won't be holding my OS, so I can be 5400 RPM (7200 still prefered though!)] Looking...
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    Can't Install Windows!! And Gfx Card dies!!!

    Hey guys, I'm suffering from a BIG HEADACHE nowadays!!! I CAN'T INSTALL WINDOWS Okay, I'm a little frustrated right now cuz of my boards exams are comming and I can't watch f.r.i.e.n.d.s on my PC!! Here's the thing : I can boot up with Windows XP/Vista/7 disk and start...
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    Quick Question.... SATA 2 HDD in SATA 1??

    hey guys, I have D945GNTL mobo which supports sata1... I wanna add another HDD (already have a 160gig and 250gig) and SATA 2 seems to be the standard nowdays So will a SATA 2 work on my mobo or should I hunt for SATA 1??
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    A Decent CPU for 25000, Possible??

    Hey guys! I'm gonna buy a new CPU (already got monitor, keyboard, mouse and UPS) so I kinda need a specification for it, although it will be for general usage, it will surely come under heavy load as I do some intensive work like photoshop and max rendering... I'm thinking of trying out Quad...
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    Nehru Place, any good dealers??

    Hii guys!! I'll be going to Nehru Place to check out my graphics card and psu. I don't exactly know a dealer there so wanna suggest some good dealers to me???
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    15k budget for some upgrading, suggestions please!

    Hii Guys!! I'm getting about 15k from my mom for upgrading my PC! The current Config is something like this : Pentium D 805 at 2.66 GHz 2x512 DDR2 533 kingston RAM D945GNT mobo so I wanna get a gfx card for about 8~10k. The ones I have in mind are 9600GT and HD3850. Which of these are better...
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    I buy a cell??? 0.o HELP!!!

    Hey guyzz!! I'm thinking of buying a cellphone but cannot just find the right one! It should be around the 5000 mark... And yeah for the specifications part :- Got a MP3 player so no need for Music phones (although I'll listen to few songs) Good Screen Quality (maybe 256k colour) I'm...
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    Can you suggest a better PC....

    Hey Guys, My shop vendor gave me this list of details about a new PC under 40k. Can anyone suggest better parts than the ones already listed? And also, please fill in the blunt details like what kind of stuff would be better and why? I am a n00b here so Hi to all you guys!!. Pleeeeease...
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