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  1. zegulas

    Help me identify this old series on digit DVD

    Hello friends, There used to come a series on digit DVD where the woman would chat on IRC. Her daughter was kidnapped. The woman was a ex-Hacker of some sort. She is contacted by her daughter's kidnappers who are also a gang of hackers. She is reunited with her daughter at the end of the...
  2. zegulas

    Google Nexus 7 first generation battery

    Hi guys, Where can I get a battery for my Google Nexus 7 first generation (ASUS), preferably online. I saw one on, but I don't know if I should go for that one.
  3. zegulas

    How to increase the group limit of whatsapp to more than 100?

    Hello friends, Currently whatsapp has a group limit of 100, but for some specific scenarios we do require creating a group of more than 100 members. There were a few articles which mentioned increasing the limit in one of its configuration xml file. But it seems to have been patched with the...
  4. zegulas

    PCs for animation- Specs required, budget- 30k to 50k

    Hey Friends, I need to know the configs for a PC to be used for animation purpose ( 3DS Max, Maya etc.. ). The budget is 30k to 50k. Its going to be around 2 to 3 PCs in an animation class. Thanks! :)
  5. zegulas

    Processor+Motherboard+RAM- budget 15k

    Hi there, I am a student of Computer Science. And my usage is programming, music, surfing the internet, watching HD movies. NO GAMING. I already have a PC whose configuration is AMD Athlon 3000+, MSI K8M800 MB, 512MB DDR RAM, 250GB SATA2, 17" CRT. I was thinking of upgrading it to a new...
  6. zegulas

    Which one is Suse and which one is Ubuntu

    Hello, I had installed Suse 11.x and Ubuntu 10.10, after that I installed Widows 7 (big mistake!) Right now I am using Ubuntu's live cd, but I am unable to determine which partition belongs to which OS (Suse or Ubuntu), they both seem to have the same folders like boot and all. How to...
  7. zegulas

    Mobile as Webcam

    Hey my bro has Nokia Supernova 7210, he wants to use it as a webcam, how to do that?
  8. zegulas

    Should I go for MSc CS or MSc IT?

    Hello friends, I have just completed my BSc in CS. Now I would like to go for the Master's degree. But I am confused between MSc CS and MSc IT, Which one should I go for?
  9. zegulas

    Will my system support 1 Tera-byte hard-disk?

    Hello people, I have AMD Athlon 3000+, MSI's K8M800 Motherboard, and 512 MB DDR1 RAM. The local vendor said that, my system wont support a terabyte of hard disk, instead he asked me to go for a 500 GB disk. But I don't think its value for money. Is there any way to find out if my system...
  10. zegulas

    Onboard graphics drivers not available, MSI motherboard- K8M Neo-V

    Hello, I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 after using Windows for more than 8 years. I just have one major problem, the webpage scrolling is not as smooth as it was in Windows, I guess because of the drivers. It looks very similar to how it looked in Windows without the graphic's driver...
  11. zegulas

    HDD's data lost

    I had Windows XP installed, with 4 partitions one of them was FAT32, others NTFS. Some Windows files got corrupted and the PC refused to start, so had to reinstall XP, later I found out that the FAT32 partition didn't show any contents, first I thought they got hidden, so took the necessary...
  12. zegulas

    Decrypt Encrypted files in Windows XP

    I had ecrypted some images in Windows XP, then something went wrong with the OS and I had to re-install XP and now the files which were encrypted show "invalid image" when opened. What can I do to recover them?
  13. zegulas

    Why DOS programs in C/C++?

    Can we write programs in C and C++ which run like VB programs, I mean like with a proper GUI. Because in our syllabus all we are taught are programs which run in DOS, but I have heard that Linux was made using C programming language then how did they built the GUI?
  14. zegulas

    Error while installing Oracle 9i

    I get this error each time I try to install Oracle 9i.
  15. zegulas

    How to make .exe files in Visual Basic 6.0?

    Well thats it! I was able to make a .exe file in Visual Basic 2008, but I can't see any such options in 6.0!
  16. zegulas

    I keep getting this error when the PC starts

    Whenever I start my PC I get this error, what could be the problem here?
  17. zegulas

    PC takes 9 minutes to start...

    Everything was going fine until yesterday night. I woke up today and started my PC, just to find out that it won't. I got an error message saying "C:\Windows\System32\System" file was missing. I had to check my Orkut scraps, so I started my PC using a Linux Mint live CD. After doing all that, I...
  18. zegulas

    PATA vs SATA 2, will Windows XP boot faster?

    I have a 80 GB Parallel ATA and a newly installed 250 GB SATA-2 HDD (but my Motherboard supports only SATA). Now my Windows XP is installed in the PATA HDD, will it make any difference if I reinstall it in the SATA drive?
  19. zegulas

    Sony Cybershot DSC W5 as a webcam.

    My friend has the Sony Cybershot DSC W5, he wants to use it as a webcam, what is the procedure?
  20. zegulas

    MTNL’s fibre-to-home service

    “The service will utilise MTNL’s existing investments into internet protocol television (IPTV). However, it will offer higher speeds and provide newer services such as high-definition video and even high-definition TV channels, gaming etc,” said a company official. Wow, MTNL rocks..!! Read...
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