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  1. nbaztec

    [For Sale] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD

    [SOLD] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD SOLD!! Model number and details: Elite 310 Cabinet Perfect condition. No scratches. No grease. No nothing. Working USB headers and Jacks Original carton and everything within (screws) LG ODD IDE. Working condition. Date of...
  2. nbaztec

    [Feedback/Testing] Android Feed Reader for Digit

    Hi, I've created a feed reader for ThinkDigit, so before rolling it out, I'd like to have some feedback and/or crash reports. @Vyom has already been of immense help and has seen though the last 5 revisions, and this is nearly the complete thing, so this is effectively the final stage...
  3. nbaztec

    Summer Training in Delhi NCR [B.Tech]

    Hey Guys, Need some advice here. I'm supposed to have my 6-8 weeks summer internship this June. Googling for like eternity and as it turns out, all of the bigwigs like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. have clear policies for interns but somehow if I dare change my location to their Indian...
  4. nbaztec

    Build Your Rig! (XBlade)

    Hi all, I want your opinions on the new Build Your Rig! (XBlade) The earlier version with the Google Docs was kinda crude yet an interesting start. I've decided to take it up a notch with a proper database as its back-end. Well to be specific the site has been created specifically keeping...
  5. nbaztec

    Need Pricing of a few mobos

    Can anyone help me with the prices of these mobo? ASUS M4A78-E ASUS M4A78T-E ASUS M4N82-DELUXE ASUS M4A79-DELUXE ASUS M4A79T-DELUXE ASUS M4A89TD PRO Biostar A785GE Biostar TA785GE 128M Biostar TA790GXBE Biostar TA790GX 128M Biostar TA790GXB A2+ Biostar TA790GX A3+ Biostar...
  6. nbaztec

    UPS Overload Issue

    Hi, I just got myself a Microtek UPS 625VA for 1550/- @ Delhi. For starters the UPS works fine if I unplug it, switch it on & then turn on my rig. Didn't test out the back up duration, but it works. However if I switch it on, turn on my rig & then unplug it from the wall socket (hence...
  7. nbaztec

    Implications of Running HD 6870 on CX400

    The title says all. Plus since CX400 lacks a PCI-E connector, I'd require a Molex-to-PCIe connector. Suggestions welcome.
  8. nbaztec

    22" 1080p Monitor Under 9K

    I've looked around & found: BenQ E2220HD which is available on SMC for Rs. 8800/- A review here states that it's color quality is not that good. Upon hearing color quality the Samsung B2230 comes to mind, available at SMC for 8.2k, but sadly misses a HDMI port. So can you guys help &...
  9. nbaztec

    i5 Rig under 25k

    Requisites: Everything. Purpose: Casual Gaming. Kindly review my this build too: Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H Rs. 4200 x1 Processor Intel LGA 1156 i5-650 Rs. 8700 x1 PC Chassis Coolermaster Elite 310 w/o window Rs. 1600 x1 PSU FSP Saga II 400W Rs. 2000 x1 GPU Zotac GeForce 9600GT [GeForce...
  10. nbaztec

    Front Intake Fan on CM Elite 310?

    Is a front intake fan effective in a CM Elite310? It has very less mesh for intake towards it's bottom. Elite 310 image by denniszzz on Photobucket
  11. nbaztec

    HDMI : Worth the price?

    This is more so a discussion. Is HDMI really worth the buy(esp. for Monitors), or DVI works fine.
  12. nbaztec

    GPU for 5k

    I have currently: MSI 880GMA-E45 Corsair CX400 [1x PCIe 6pin] (rest in sig) I currently have a 17" square monitor(1280x1024) & I was planning to upgrade it (in 18 months or so) to a Samsung B2230W (22"). So I need a card to last for at least 3-4 Years in the Range 4-5k. Gaming...
  13. nbaztec

    Converting 2x2.1 into 4.2

    Ok, I know 4.2s don't officially exist. So I was thinking is it possible to connect another 2.1, that will *produce* the bass response? to to say Centre/Left/Right. Line Out will be used by a working 2.1. Else if I buy 2xRCA(F) to 3.5mm converter then can I connect these to Left & Right &...
  14. nbaztec

    A good 2.1 Speaker System

    Apparently one of my satellites has malfunctioned. So I'm planning to buy a new speaker system So, I'd like to know which speaker system should I buy. My mobo [880GMA E45] supports 8 Channel Audio, however I don't have that much room for 7.1 or even 5.1 & keeping all speakers in front of me...
  15. nbaztec

    If Buying online - The drawbacks

    If I buy my mobo online (@, what will be the drawbacks as compared to buying from a vendor (@ Nehru Place). Thanks.
  16. nbaztec

    MSI 880GMA-E45 : Availability in Delhi?

    I recently went shopping for my new rig @ Nehru Place & I managed to get all the components except the main thing: The motherboard MSI 880GMA-E45. The people a Cost to Cost & Computer Empire tried to sell me a *yuck* 880GM-E41. I refused to accept. Both said that currently there are no USB 3.0...
  17. nbaztec

    PSU Suggestion

    I have the foll. specs: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T MSI 880GMA-E45 Kingston 2x2 1333 DDR3 I'd like to know which is better (Corsair VX400?) if I take the foll. GPU: a) 9600GT 512 DDR3 b) 4850 512 DDR3 My monitor resolution is Max 1280x1024. So i'd need something which is not more of an "overkill"...
  18. nbaztec

    Estimate on the motherboard

    I'd like to know what will the following fetch me: Motherboard : Intel 946GZIS Chipset : Integrated Intel 946GZ Express Chipset Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 (1.83Ghz) RAM : Kingston 1GB DDR2 Single Channel 333Mhz Regards, Nisheeth Barthwal
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