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    seeking feedback for the following configuration

    Hi, Guys, I have selected these components for 70k The main problem is even on 70 k budget I am unable to include a 256GB SSD so help me modifying my configuration so I can have a 256GB SSD I can't change computer case as my brother loves this case AMD RYZEN 5 2600-15,000 Gigabyte X470...
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    PC configuration request for 10-12k(CPU,MOTHERBOARD,RAM)

    Hi Guys, Recently my AM3 motherboard broke since it was an old platform I decided to get a new Processor, motherboard, and RAM for rest I will be reusing old parts. This PC will mostly be used for programming and I may later add a mid-range GPU. I can spend 10-12k max and I am open to both AMD...
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    Please help with CSVDE

    Using Windows server 2008 I am trying to export users in Active directory through CSVDE but it is not working. I am using this csvde -f C:\Scripts\csvusr.csv -p subtree -r "(&(objectCatagory=person)(objectClass=user)(givenName=*))" -l "cn,givenName,objectClass,samAccountName" and...
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    Need 1.5 Ton split AC

    Guys my room is 13*12 ft and is exposed to direct sunlight what tonnage I need? I live in a humid area.Usage will be 8-12hrs. plz suggest some models. My budget is 45-50k.
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    Help! Guys help me unbrick my moto E.

    I am a moto E user I tried to flash Resurrection Remix from here [ROM][5.1][LOLLIPOP]RESURRECTION REMIX 5.4.1… | Motorola Moto E | XDA Forums but stuck in bootloop. I went to TWRP and Wiped data,system,dalvik,cache.Then selected ROM from SDcard and after flashing ROM i flashed Gapps...
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    Need a laptop for light gaming and running VMware within 40k

    Guys need a laptop within 35-40k my requirements are Display should be good(good contrst ratio) 720p would do Good sound quality Should able to run latest game on medium to low settings 14incher would be great finally good battery backup I will be using this lappy for gaming,watching...
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    Sarita faces AIBA suspension after returning medal

    A huge controversy broke out on Wednesday at the Asian Games when India’s woman boxer Sarita Devi returned her bronze medal, protesting against her controversial loss to a South Korean, inviting a possible suspension for defiance. Sarita, who was declared a loser despite dominating the 60kg...
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    Case for moto e.

    Though Moto E has a gorilla glass 3 protection I have seen many have shattered their screen dropping from very low height I am not confident about reliability of gorilla glass. So People suggest me a case for Moto E.
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    Help me in installing cwm in sony tipo

    Tried installing through auto CWM installer it says not supported device. I am in Sony stock rom.Guys need help in installing CWM. Is TWRP better than CWM?
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    Get Advance System Care Ultimate 6.0 for free

    To get free serial for ASC ultimate 6 All you need to do is just send an email to “” with title and body as “Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6″ you will receive your free serial. You can download Advance System Care Ultimate 6.0 Download Advanced SystemCare...
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    Need a Tab for 6k

    I need a Tab within 6k.
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    Confused between Sony tipo or Xperia mini

    Hi, guys want to buy a phone within 10k.Though I have shortlisted Tipo and Mini I am open to other suggestions too.
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    Need help in dual booting ubuntu and windows XP

    Hi guys, since new to linux I need help in dual booting ubuntu and windows xp can somebody tell me how to do it?:P
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    Need a 32" LCD or LED within 30k

    Guys, I need a need a LCD or LED T.V within 30k It should produce good Picture and audio,It should able to play video,audio and photos. If full HD it would be great.
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    Help me in installing application in Linux through GUI.

    Guys, I am new to linux can somebody explain me how to install softwares in linux using GUI.One more doubt which Linux distro supports maximum no of commands after redhat Since it is commercial I can't use it does SUSE supports commands like redhat? I need to learn linux administration.and...
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    Need a phone within 6k

    Friends i need a phone for phone for my girl within 6k it may be touchscreen or normal candybar phone. Guys help me out:wink:
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    where can i find xonar DG in Bangalore

    Guys help me out where can i get Asus xonar DG? Currently I am in Bangalore.
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    Add in sound card v/s realtek 892 codec

    I have some question 1)Does a 2k sound card will provide better sound quality than onboard realtek audio (ALC 892). 2)Suggest me a sound card within 2k. 3)Is is worthy to spend on add-in sound card. Help me out guys clear my doubts.
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    free alternative software like norton ghost

    Friends suggest me some free alternative.
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    EVGA Rolls Out Killer New Global Warranty Policy

    If you were ogling that nifty-looking, waterblock-sporting EVGA GTX 680 Hydro Copper graphics card we highlighted yesterday but couldn't quite justify laying out the dough, maybe today's news will kick you off the proverbial fence: EVGA has unveiled an awesome new "Global Warranty Policy."...
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