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  1. Ron

    Search Engine Optimization

    Friends I was doing A Search Engine Optimization work for one of my friends. His site is - SlideShow Maker I tried searching the net how to increase the page rank and all but didnot get good concept regarding it. Some says the ranking is automatic while other say we need to...
  2. Ron

    Chnage OS Language in Win Xp Pro.

    I got a laptop whose default OS language is CHINESE..I need to change the OS langauge to English. Kindly suggest me possible ways. I tried Googling but was useless. Downloading MUI and changing setting from Regional & Lan didnot worked.. Thnks in Adv
  3. Ron

    College Lan

    In my college, all the rooms are connected by lan Cabel. I m provided with a proxy address to browse sites..Moreover there is DC++ installed to share files in the network Everythin like social networking sites, torrent, messnagers are blocked ... I want tutorials on networkin hacking..So i...
  4. Ron

    Laptop Budget 50-55K

    I am Btech 1st CSE student. I want to buy a laptop with a budget of 50-55K... Requirments 1. Programming 2. Movies/Songs 3. High End Application 4. Occasionally for playing games... Basically i need for my college studies.. Should have gud speaker and keyboard interferance and...
  5. Ron

    Required:Digital Image Recovery Software

    Hey frens, last week while i was just searching my hard disk i noticed my "desktop" folder is nowhere which contained around 1 Gb of digital images..However i dont remember deleting or removing the folder from its original place........ So guys pls suggest me a good software which could...
  6. Ron

    Getin Admin Access in LAn

    hey frens currently i am takin a computer course in Aptech. All the computers out there are conected through LAn and i am provided with a user name and password which has no admin rights...However Regedit and pendrive is accessible. For some fun and knowledge i want to hack the admin...
  7. Ron

    Wht after +2?

    hey frens Like other fellow i am also in the cross roads of chossing colleges. Just yesterday i had completed my cbse board exam.Now i am very much confused which college i should go for? I am PCM student and i want to pursue my further studies in Enginerring B.Tech in computers.i hv no idea...
  8. Ron

    Urgent:Data Recovery Software Required

    Frens, I am a windows xp user. Accidently i have deleted my NTFS hard disk partion which contained almost 16 Gb of data. Even Though i have not formated the drive, i am unable to recover those data. Therefore pls suggest me some freeware which would help me to recover them.. I hav tried...
  9. Ron

    Required:' SMS

    Guys, I want some gud sms . So plz list some gud sites for it. thnks
  10. Ron

    Disable LAn from Startup

    Guys, I want to disable the Network Adapter (LAN) from starting up in my PC. A due to this adapter my pc takes lil more to boot completely. I know we can disable by Right Click>Disable. However I don’t want to use this option. I want to disable It using “services.msc”. Moreover I want to...
  11. Ron

    One File One Mail

    Guys, I need to send around(50 Files worth of 200 MB) to a particualr id. but there is a problem that is i need to send them seprately i.e. One Mail for One File thus in total 50 mails for 50 Photographs....... Its quite irritating as well as frustrating to attach a single photo and then...
  12. Ron

    Saving SMS

    To copy a message from the computer to my mobile.I generally do the following: 1. Open Nokia PC Suite(7.1.18 ) 2. Connect the Nokia 3110c Mobile 3. Now i open the message box 4. i Click New Messsage 5. Copy a SMS from site and save it as a draft Now the problem is that this method can be...
  13. Ron

    Siggestion Required :45 Days Winter Break

    Finally my winter break hv started and this time i want to utilize it....i am planing to tk Computer course bt im confused choosin frens pls suggest me som gud programin courses which will be helpful for me in near future..and yaa i dont want to tk c++ coz i am learnin this in my skol...
  14. Ron

    Software: Need to make a Dictionary

    Guys, I want to make a program somewht like a e-dictionary where a user must be able to enter the text in the search box so tht similar content will be displayed and hey i dont know any prgramin language...only lil bit of c++.....hence i will be glad if u gud giv me the soruce code and the...
  15. Ron

    Earn Money through blogging

    Guys, How can we earn money through bloggin? I know one method tht is google Adsense but i dont beleive it will help a user to earn 40,000......There must be other ways just want to know! thnks
  16. Ron

    Pidgin Plungins Required

    Guys, I am using Pidgin to sign in my 5 Im accounts.....the problem is tht i am unable to set a particular id to "Appear Offline Mode"....whenev i set the Invisible mode; all the 5 id goes to invisible mode..So help me to sort out this problems...... and hey from where can i get pidgins...
  17. Ron

    Passwor Manager tool Required

    Guys, I need a password managing software which will should help me to automatically sign in to 10-15 accounts daily...coz I hold many accounts in hotmail; yahoo; gmail; thinkdigit; facebook; hi5....and it is quite irritating for me to write a user name and a password every time I sign in...
  18. Ron

    IP Address

    Guys, I hv often heard tht we can hack aa computer using an Ip Address? Is tht true? coz just a few days before my fren said tht a hacker can hack a computers drive by knowing a IP address ? I know i can google it but i want to know from u all if it is posiible and if possible trhn hw? Ronak...
  19. Ron

    Suggest a lappy: Budget 50k

    Guys, My sis needs to buy a lappy from Bangalore….Her budget is around 50,000…….So pls suggest a gud configuration…..She needs the following thing: 1.It must be lil stylish. 2.Must hv Decent Speakers. 3.Must hv gud audio/video capabilities……coz She likes listenin music and watchin...
  20. Ron

    Computer Protective Glasses

    Guys, These days whenever I sit In front of the computer, my eyes starts painin a lot……….thus, Yesterday my fren told me to use Computer Protective Glases……..I just want to know how does this glasses looks and works and where can I buy it in Bangalore….and hey Is there any other better soln...
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