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  1. pmkarun

    Hello Sam, I'm planning for a mobile purchase.. Please help me in deciding.. I want a mobile...

    Hello Sam, I'm planning for a mobile purchase.. Please help me in deciding.. I want a mobile which can be used for the next two years at least.. Any OS is fine.. But I don't want to compromise on call quality.. I use what's app extensively and do little browsing.. Gaming is not a concern.. My...
  2. pmkarun

    Advice needed immediately

    Mostly it will be used for programming purpose (MATLAB) and Image processing related softwares. Also will be used to see movies. Not much into high end games...
  3. pmkarun

    Advice needed immediately

    Hello Digitians I am planning to get this laptop through online . Kindly advice can i proceed or should i wait for a better configuration.. Regards, pmkarun
  4. pmkarun

    Want to buy an Android under 6k

    If you are not brand conscious you can check this spice handset also. Spice Coolpad 2 Price in India | Mi-496 Specifications, Features and Reviews
  5. pmkarun

    phone for skype :D

    Close ur eyes and get Xperia M..
  6. pmkarun

    Gaming Lappy for 40k

    HP Pavilion G6-2312AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A10/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2.5GB Graph) - HP:
  7. pmkarun

    Samsung Galaxy Core or Xolo q700

    +1 to this.... Both are nice.. XM's Camera is average when compared to that of HAP1.. But in A.S.S Huawei is not so great when compared to Sony...
  8. pmkarun

    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Re: Mobile Buying Guide If you are strictly under 13k look for S advance.. Else go with Xperia L... If u want a slightly bigger screen check l9..
  9. pmkarun

    Help to choose android under 13k

    Dont go for S duos.. Its too much laggy.. Live wall papers never get loaded.. Even for simple operations S duos is pretty laggy... The only advantage is it has dual sim
  10. pmkarun

    Plz suggest Android phone in the range of < 16/17k

    Xperia L or LG L9 if you need a big screen.. If u can extend the budget look at Xperia SP
  11. pmkarun

    Suggest Android phone for 13k for sister

    Go for Lumia if it is the first smartphone... Also as you ll not be purchasing mobile for 3 to 4 yrs you can get NOKIA.. Its so durable..
  12. pmkarun

    Mobile comparable to Lava Iris 458q upto Rs.7000 - Cheated by Indiatimes

    Try Pantech Burst if u dont care about warranty.. May be its available at 8k approximately..
  13. pmkarun

    Best Tablet for reading and watching movies under 16K ?

    Get Nexus.. Its the best
  14. pmkarun

    decent DUAL SIM android

    No.. Dont go for it.. If u want dual sim, check lenovo p770.. A balanced mobile with a marathon battery...
  15. pmkarun

    Android phone upto 13K

    If you dont prefer Indian brands go for lenovo p770. Balanced mobile with awesome battery
  16. pmkarun

    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Re: Mobile Buying Guide Its a good Mobile if you are not a heavy user... In 12.5k its a nice deal.. U wont get an LED screen at this price :):):)
  17. pmkarun

    Need A Phone Range : 5k INR

    If 5k its a cool deal..:):)
  18. pmkarun

    Need A Phone Range : 5k INR

    I guess Lumia 510 will be around 6k.. May be OP can use some coupons...
  19. pmkarun

    Official iOS devices thread

    Hello All, Planning to get an iPod as a gift. Please suggest is it worth to get an iPod Touch 4 now? If so, please let me know the best bet i can get. I am planning to get it online.. Please reply as early as possible becuase i am planning to get it within this week. Thanks in advance...
  20. pmkarun

    The Windows Mobile Thread

    Re: The Windows Phone Thread For example in WP7.8 i can check only balances... If i enter an USSD code of an interactive menu it will not support.. For example in Vodafone postpaid if i dial *111# it will give 1. Unbilled 2. Latest 3 bills 3. etc . This support is not there in Wp7.8
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