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  1. adithyagenius

    Creating plugins in Outlook 2003 && Database?

    I want to to create a plugin which adds an option in right click menu of selected text or contact which causes the text or e-mail addresses to be sent to certain mail address along with some other static text. I was told I would need to learn visual studio to do that. I have visual studio 2008...
  2. adithyagenius

    Need Advice: Headphones 6k-12k

    Hi everyone! I have a high end system with X-Fi Titanium. Is my sound card enough to drive headphones in my price range? I might occasionally connect it to my phone during bus rides in company bus (i will have a seat) or car. I don't care about portability or if quality drops due to lack of amp...
  3. adithyagenius

    Graphics card bought in US and warranty in India

    If my uncle gifts me a GTX 280 bought in US to me for use in India, will I get warranty in India without the shipping it back to us. I don't mind if I have to ship to their branch in India but not out of country. Is there any gfx company that can provide such warranty or simply international...
  4. adithyagenius

    5.1 Speakers under 20k!

    I have a T6060 connected to onboard Realtek ALC888 of Gigabyte 740G. I am planning to sell of t6060 for 2.5k and get speaker system and creative x-fi titanium. I listen to music ( Rock and Metal ) 40% of the time and play games with EAX 40% and rest of the time I see videos having 2ch sound or...
  5. adithyagenius

    Which hard disk in Dell tudio17 and XPS1530?

    My friend is planning to buy a dell notebook pc. Does anyone know which hard disk is given when 250gb (default option) and 200GB 7200 rpm harddisks are chosen. Some companies like toshiba don't make good 7200rpm hdd. They don't provide any real speed advantage. If dell is providing toshiba 7200...
  6. adithyagenius

    surround sound support?

    I tried ubuntu 8.04 and fedora 9 and tried some tips from websites to enable 5.1. I was able to use 5.1 on fedora 6 and fedora 7 and year back. But now all linux distro I have used are unable to output 5.1. I also tried installing m2a-vm linux drivers on a system with m2a-vm but it got screwed...
  7. adithyagenius

    Geforce 9800GTX+ for $199 and GTX280 for $449

    source : This is the second price drop after release of 4800s. Earlier 9800gtx was dropped to $199 and 9800GTX+ was launched at $229. Now GTX+ is at $199. In India 9800gtx is still being sold at $449 which is...
  8. adithyagenius

    Need rugged and fast phone under 15k

    Must have features 1. Can survivde drops and bad handling 2. Very durable 3. Very responsive with built in and user installed software. 4. More than 1gb space. I am looking for the following additional features in the order of preference. 1. Options for installable software like windows...
  9. adithyagenius

    Queries on Vista Ultimate FPP Retail License

    Please help me with the following queries. 1. Can WHQL requirement be disabled in 64bit ultimate. 2. I want to know if purchase of Vista Ultimate allows me to switch back and forth between 64bit and 32 bit editions as and when required without additional costs. I mean will I have to buy 64bit...
  10. adithyagenius

    Will 650i bottleneck 9600GT SLI?

    650i chipsets supports PCI-E at 8x only in SLI mode. This is not a problem for 7900GT. But what if 9600GT SLI or 8800GT SLI is used? They are PCI-E 2.0 16x cards.
  11. adithyagenius

    How to bring the power of opera to firefox?

    I am using Firefox on Ubuntu 7.10. Unfortunately, opera cannot view many websites and for that I used IE7.0 in Windows XP. But in ubuntu, I want to use Firefox because it is more compatible and opera has problems. Opera looks ugly in Ubuntu and even the text is very small and blurry. The...
  12. adithyagenius

    Any LAN text & voice chatting software?

    We have a LAN in college hostel built on hubs and switches without any proper orgranisation. There is no server. I need program that behaves like live messenger or google talk but in LAN. Need to send text with beeping when its not the active window and do LAN calls which initiates a ringtone.
  13. adithyagenius

    Linux counterpart for task scheduler?

    I am planning to get 7.10 ubuntu. I have 7.04. I want to know if it has task scheduler kind of program always running. I am looking for the following things. 1. highly reliable. (atleast better than xp sp2) 2. ability wake up from shutdown or hibernation. 3. abiliy to run programs in wine...
  14. adithyagenius

    Was my forum account hacked?

    The time zone has changed in options. Was this due to some forum updates or hacking?
  15. adithyagenius

    How to play Oblivion? What's the objective?

    I played many good RPGs like diablo2 lod, deus ex, neverwinter knights, Gothic 1&2. In all these games, I do everything in one areas before triggering advancement to next area. Stats and skills are upgraded to uber levels early by doing side and main missions in a specific order and training...
  16. adithyagenius

    How to keep a Win XP PC secure in an infested LAN

    In my hostel we have LAN and no PC is connected to net but some idiot brings an infected pen drive or floppy ( in 2007? ) and infects his PC and the whole LAN. This happens atleast 1-4 times a week ending with mass formats, data loss, frustration and blame games. My friends in hostel tried using...
  17. adithyagenius

    How to create Restore DVDs like the ones given by laptop manufacturers?

    I will be moving to hostel where there is no internet access. :( I will be doing a lot of experimenting and hence need to create a DVD set which will restore my computer to a certain state like its done using Restore DVDs for laptops. This is what I have: System : Compaq SR1931IL desktop...
  18. adithyagenius

    Need Linux on old comp. Need bsnl and torrent.

    My system config is Pentium 3 702Mhz 2*64 MB SD RAM Mercury 810i motherboard with 2 old USB ports Onboard 810i graphics card onboard ac97 compliant sound card ps/2 Mercury keyboard 20GB Seagate IDE hard disk 17" Samtron monitor 56x Acer CD-ROM drive Floppy drive I can get a mouse and...
  19. adithyagenius

    Crazy Steve Ballmer thread

    The following are youtube videos. Steve Ballmer selling windows 1.0 Steve Ballmer goes crazy Steve Ballmer does cheap sexy talk. "coming and coming and...
  20. adithyagenius

    Duarability of flash in N70

    I use my N70's flash as flashlight during power cuts at night for short durations. I want to know if it might get damaged just like lights in watches die after 3000 seconds usage. I also want to know the type of flash it has- LED , xenon etc. edit - sry about the spelling of durability.
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