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  1. rajeshjsl

    Guys check out this crazy pics site !

    Here , for those crazy pics to refresh your mood .. Home - LOLPIC
  2. rajeshjsl

    wifi modem help , techies come here !!

    ok guys i have a wifi modem and its internet is shared by 6 ppl , its airtel 1 mbps internet . ok now what i want is a priority system , i mean when i start using the internet i get more speed compared to others like 100KB/s for me and 30KB/s for others . and when i dont use it i mean i dont...
  3. rajeshjsl

    the imdb help

    hello , i want imdb to display all movies above 7 ratings and by all means all and by year also or genre, how do i do that ?
  4. rajeshjsl

    identify this problem please

    i buyed acer laptop 5740g with 1 gb ati mobility radeon 5650 graphics card yesterday . but i am getting screens like this while playing counter strike / gta or even sometimes at windows . i have windows 7 home premium . the screen comes but when i refresh it , it becomes normal again...
  5. rajeshjsl

    megaupload direct download trick

    read here the trick , only 2 lines !
  6. rajeshjsl

    Cheap Geek Tshirts in Bangalore

    Dudes ! where can i buy printed tshirts with logos releated to computers like firefox , linux , windowx ,etc in bangalore and also in cheap cost ? PLUS (not the computer ones) where can i buy good rocking tshirts in bangalore at cheap cost ? help me guys !
  7. rajeshjsl

    CSR-GHRDC Top Engineering Colleges 2009 Survey

    Read Here Full Story : -
  8. rajeshjsl 3gp playing problem

    ok i have nokia n70 and using i can play streaming 3gp youtube videos with aac+ audio quality and no errors in streaming . but on pc except real player no player plays the stream . also real player doesnot decode the SBR part of the aac+ audio it simple plays at 22khz which...
  9. rajeshjsl

    Does Installing Opera Causes the LAN no to work ?

    Hi I am a student of class x i am a fan of opera i know that opera surfs the net in gr8 way in my school 14 computers are having windows 98 adn the server is also on windows 98 i installed opera the lan was working fine for three days fourth day the teacehr told me that LAN is not...
  10. rajeshjsl

    Lan Messenger

    in my school there are 14 computers conencted in lan but not interent if i wanna chat with my friend who is on another computer how can we ? the os on all computers is win 98 thansk
  11. rajeshjsl

    want unlimited space with pop3/imap access for free?clk here giving me free unlimited space with pop3/imap but does it really giving me this as written in its homepage how can i know
  12. rajeshjsl

    how many of you read the agreements and then continue ?

    how many of you read the agreements during software installation and while registering on internet and then continue ?
  13. rajeshjsl

    how can i run wap site in internet

    yes how
  14. rajeshjsl

    list me some useful wap sites

    i want some useful wap sites for free ringtones,games,java,wallpapers,etc please give me the best ones which are free
  15. rajeshjsl

    monitor vibrates if mobile kept near it...

    when i run internet through mobile by the help of data cable i have to keep it near my computer and also the data cable is not so long that i may keep it 3 metres away. the monitor vibrates and i am unable to see properly . is the monitor will go bad due to this ? or how can i solve the...
  16. rajeshjsl

    how to increase browsing speed when internet with mobile

    how to increase browsing speed when internet running through mobile i have a g3100 handset with gprs enabled and airtel service provider which gives me unlimited downoad and unlimited browsing time for free but when i run the internet through mobile in computer with lg internet modem kit i...
  17. rajeshjsl

    which is the best internet speed tweaking utility

    which is the best internet speed tweaking utility ?
  18. rajeshjsl

    got a corrupt digit dvd what to do ? help

    i got this month's dvd and the cd worked fine but according to the vendor there is no fault in dvd reader and dvd is corrupt what to do now ?
  19. rajeshjsl

    bug or problem

    BUG OR PROBLEM :- media center 10 gives error message "#error 31" and sometimes "#error 33" and craches after that. reinstalling doesn't solves the problem computer:- P4 1.59 GHZ 224 MB SDRAM WIN XP PROFESSIONAL BUILD 2600 SERVICE PACK 2 MEDIA CENTER VERSION :- 10.0.1xx (I CANNOT...
  20. rajeshjsl

    direct to disk recorder

    i have put a signal of my radio to the line in jack. now i want a software which can record the sound from the line in jack . it should record direct to disk . it should also normalize the recording and also split into multiple files . i know audacity also does it but if i record...
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