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    Firewall Leak Test

    I thought someone had already psoted this , but i couldn't find it anyways , lots of questions abt firewalls have been coming up, even with an existing thread running however lets make it easy u think ur firewall is the best ? prove it! take these extensive series of tests located her...
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    Vote for the most useful tutorials

    vote for the most useful and your favorite tutorials ... we'll make them sticky NOTE : plz be sensible before voting only a couple of the tuts will be made sticky ... ONLY THE MOST USEFUL ONES !
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    [Tut] Shifting Servers with phpBB [on req.]

    well smooth asked me to write this tut for him ! having done this soo many times [Nemi n me that is] i think i can pretty much cover it ! here goes nuthing ! first things first lets have a look at the admin panel ! Don't worry if u see some extra links in the LHS pane . They are just...
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    [Tut] Get mIRC Working For You As A P2P client !

    Not many people know about mIRC as a P2P client spread the word ;) However there are other tut's out there .. and no I HAVEN'T read them . This is my attempt at it .. and i'm gonna try and keep it simple ! It's quite easy actually i'm gonna describe how I do it ! :arrow: Get yourself...
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    [Guide] WiFi

    Definition: Wi-Fi => WIreless FIdelity network =wireless lan/ethernet =wireless version of wired networks IEEE Standard: IEEE 802.11x Types: IEEE 802.11a/IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11g [a.ka. a/b/g] Speed: 54.0 MBPS/11.0 MBPS/54.0MBPS Frequency: 5Ghz/2.4Ghz/2.4Ghz Order Of...
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    [Tut] Share Your Net Connection Over LAN

    yeah i know i posted it earlier .. but since the mods havent moved it... well actually i had to make a few edits and that thread was locked on request so mods delete if u wish here goes nuthing I suggest u read Digen's guide to setting...
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    wanna install linux dual boot

    i know this topic has been covered but ive tried everything .. and nuthin works .. also im very new to linux and its partitions etc .... so plz just follow me here ok i have 2*160gb sata in raid 0 ... with winxp i have an extra 60 gb hdd and i wanna install linux on it i already installed...
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    old hdd to new hdd booting problems

    hey guys .. i had an old hdd with winxp i got a new config ... i have 2*160gb sata in raid 0 now i installed everything ... migrated from one hdd to the other but the porblem is i didnt disconnect the old ide drive when i installed winxp on my new drive ... result is what i faced today...
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    DVD cloning

    hey guys i got a couple of dvds from a friend and created an image using nero the problem is these are 8 gb + dvd's i bought a 4.7 gb dvd by mistake .. my question is what kinda dvd should i buy to make this work ? i do not have a dual layered writer .. i have one that came along with my...
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    msn and proxies

    hey guys i just installed a proxy server for my wireless adhoc network everythign worked but my msn gives error code 0x81000306 which is logon time out i put the proxy setting in right and tested the connection .. it said it worked but it still wont connect also using yahoo thru the proxy...
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    a different graphic card question ( well almost)

    ok guys ... ive seen all the graphic card posts ... and participated in most of them too this is a different specific question so help me out if u can 1) for PCI express which one do think is better ? x600 or 5900 ? price and performance wise .. not because its ati and nvidia!! 2) the x600...
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    mIRC doubts

    ive used mIRC to download songs before ... i forgot how to get abt it i wanna download certain files .. im sure everyone knows what ... i have some channels .. but i dunno how to go abt searching/downloading any help ? btw some channels are also welcom ofcourse MODS: i dun think this is...
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