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  1. red dragon

    Any TE member here?

    Come on man!! Your name will never come up. I just need to contact him once and have a civil discussion. A mod can not ban a member for not divulging personal matters ( not at all related to any buy/ sell or money related stuff)
  2. red dragon

    Any TE member here?

    Hi, it was difficult to join this forum. Had to use a vpn and manually select India as location. Just need to know one thing...anyone here knows the email ID/ contact number of Crazy Eddie...the super mod @ TE. He accused me of fraud and banned me from TE ( after I refused to share a closed...
  3. red dragon

    My experience of moving from Android to iOS

    Ain't the comparison should be between nexus and play edition phones vs iPhones?I am actually gone the other way from op(ie. iOS to Android)and honestly a Nexus 5 is as snappy as 5s except the camera....tried xperia Z1 c is good,but N5 is better overall and probably the only phone...
  4. red dragon

    what apps are you running on your moto G ? Is any of them a must have ?

    Nothing really,just install some decent video player like MX/ are good to not waste time or money on apps like battery booster,task killer or other system management tools.If you are rooted...install adaway or something alike
  5. red dragon

    Spring for Galaxy S5 from iPhone5?

    FNot sure about the extended battery,but I recently switched back to Android after 2 year(4s and a 5 in those years) and using a Nexus 5 now...sure do miss the fantastic camera of iPhone, but N5 is a seriously good phone with an above average camera and rather decent battery doubt...
  6. red dragon

    lumia 720 or 925 ??help me decide

    Neither lumia 925 nor 720 can play mkv natively...secondly they do not have any file manager... buy a cheap tablet like 2013's Nexus are good to go.
  7. red dragon

    Phone under 35k

    Why not a Lumia 920/925?
  8. red dragon

    Sony Xperia 2013 Thread

    Good for you,if you find xperia's sound quality good. If you have a half decent headphone/iem,give the Nokia 808(2 year old)a try. Nokia only knew(hopefully still knows)how to make a phone good for music...even 4s or 5 sound like garbage compared to some old Nokias.
  9. red dragon

    Sony Xperia 2013 Thread

    Sony should stop bluffing the ignorants with those idiotic and tacky terminologies. Not only phones,they are using them for their televisions also. They need to realise that only Apple can pull off those gimmicks (remember retina display?)
  10. red dragon

    Help needed to connect lumia 720 to internet via laptop wifi

    Now,what does that mean?Both with connectify and virtualrouter you were trying to make an ad hoc connection. In android there are workarounds to connect to ad hoc networks,ios supports it natively,no idea about WP.
  11. red dragon

    One vs. S4 vs. Suggestions

    One any day over s4!But personally I prefer smaller screen(4.3 inch max).
  12. red dragon

    I Bought an iPad 4 (64 gb +4g ) for 44K - is it a good deal

    You bought an ipad to download stuff!? And yes,good deal.
  13. red dragon

    Sony Xperia 2013 Thread

    ^^Try comparing it to One/N4/ip5 or even the ageing 4s.
  14. red dragon

    Sony Xperia 2013 Thread

    ^^That is because ip5 has better camera.
  15. red dragon

    high end phone advice needed.

    You are comparing One with Z,I hated all htc(except Leo)Android offerings,but One is a class act,Z absolutely has NO chance in front of it. Have you noticed how long does it take to open the camera app in Z? I am not even thinking about comparing the screens. The only things that bother me in...
  16. red dragon

    b&w p3 or beyerdynamic t50p?

    How much does T50 cost?
  17. red dragon

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Thread

    Probably you do not realise that being outdated and being cheap are two different things. Remember those archaic Palm Treos and early Berrys or the relatively modern Moto Razr or Ming? They are outdated for sure,but do they look cheap even today?
  18. red dragon

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Thread

    Brilliant mate!
  19. red dragon

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Thread

    I am making big fuss because the phone manufacturers started making the big fuss about 1080p panels and it is one of the major selling point of these phones. BTW S4 is already cheap looking and htc one wont look cheap even after 10 years,but I can not care less about the look of a smartphone. Do...
  20. red dragon

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Thread

    I am neither a Sony fanboy not a hater.Still have one of their best products ever(V6,google it up if sounds unfamiliar) Of course wont waste my money on Z/ZL as I can not just ignore the shortcomings of the screen.
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