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    GTX 1060 or GTX 1070

    Hi Guys, Following is my PC's configuration. PSU: Cooler Master RS-750-ACAA-A1 (Real Power Pro 750W) Output Capacity: 750 Watts Continuous Connectors: PCI-E 8 Pin x 2 PCI-E 6 Pin x 2 MB: ASROCK Z87 Extreme4 Slots: 3 x PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots (PCIE2/PCIE4/PCIE5: single at x16 (PCIE2); dual...
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    New Graphics Card for casual 1080p Gaming

    Hi Guys, The actual intention of my machine was for running Virtual Machines and Photo Editing. These days when I get time, I am interested in playing games at Full HD. Always it's going to be casual gaming and not serious. My interests are into Racing & Complex City Building games. My...
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    Please guide me to build home music/theater system

    Hi Everyone, till this date I was very happy with my Sony MHC-GN88D 5.2 hi-fi system ( But few months back the amplifier gave up and one of the front subwoofer's diaphragm is gone due to a little creature who was...
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    47" or 55" TV for 8 feet max distance ?

    I am planning to get Full HD TV. My max viewing distance would be 8 to 9 feet. Most of the contents would be SD and some in HD. I am confused which one to choose between, a 47" TV or 55" TV. What do you guys think ? TIA
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    Non Smart and non 3D 46" or 55" Full HD TV?

    Non Smart and non 3D 46" or 55" Full HD TV? Hi Guys, I am from Chennai and planning to buy a TV which I would like to keep for another 5 to 7 years. I have been going through this forum and the number of people who plan to purchase 55" is very less and find posts related to it very...
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    [Query] Asus laptops, how good is the support ?

    Currently I use DELL Studio 1555 Laptop with extended warranty. Whenever there is a problem, DELL provides an onsite diagnosis & repair with parts changed free of cost except for cosmetic and battery related parts. I am planning to purchase "ASUS G750JX" laptop and would like to know from...
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    CPU Cooler for Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.4 GHz (Prescott)

    For the past 6 years my Intel Pentium 4 (550) HT 3.4 GHz (Prescott) CPU Cooler was working fine, for the past couple of months the fan speed is not able to cross 2000 RPM while previously it use to idle at 3500 RPM and go as much as 4100 RPM at high loads. Now the CPU core goes at 78 degree...
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    Non-PC Torrent Client

    Hi All, It has been almost 2 yrs since I last posted in the forum. Eventhough I visit this site once in a while it has been very long since I posted. Ok the following is what I need. I want a hardware based torrent downloader which should run off the PC. Is there any solution available...
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    Wifi Router with Cable & DSL Internet Gateway functionality

    Hi All, Has been long since I posted in this forum. Ok my query is, I need a WiFi Broadband Gateway Router which should be compatible with both Cable & DSL technologies. Currently I am using Hathway Cable Service where I use Motorala Surfboard SB5100. I connect the Cable modem to PC...
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    Music Playback quality, N70 vs W800i which is good ?

    I did a search. Still I am in dilemma. No body have mentioned the quality of the n70's music playback. I am very much interested in a mobile with Music Player featuring good BASS & Treble Elements. <- First Priority Good Camera & Removable Device like a USB thumb drive <- Second Priority...
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    System restarts randomly.

    My PC Configuration: Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott) 3.4 GHz HT CPU Cooler: Original Intel 4-Pin CPU cooler which came with processor. Motherboard: Asus P5AD2 Premium Rev 1.02 BIOS Ver 1006 RAM: Transcend 512 MB DDR-II @ 533 MHz HDD: Segate 120 GB SATA @ 7200 RPM DVD-ROM: Samsung...
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    Partition gone invisible on Booting from OS CD

    I have Windows XP Professional SP2 running on following hardware configuration, Intel P4 3.4 GHz HT Asus P5AD2 Premium Motherboard. Segate SATA 120 GB HDD (FAT32 File system) Previously 2 months back my another secondary Samsung 80 GB PATA HDD (FAT32 File system) failed and so I removed...
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    Visual Studio 2005 Doubt. MSDN Subscribers please reply.

    I have been monitoring the releases of Visual Studio 2005. I am very much interested in VS2005 and have some doubt regarding them. I would request the MSDN Subscribers who have access to VS2005 releases to clear them. I know that the Express Editions are free versions. (Please let me know...
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    Norton Ghost with Windows XP Fresh Install

    I work for my company from home during holidays. I have been given special permission to use some of the company's propriety software in my home system along with remote logging. Also I have been given permission to use certain software which can be activated once in six months. Our company...
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    Which is the best Free IDE & Compiler for C/C++ ?

    Which is the best IDE for C/C++. Also which compiler is mostly used ? I know that Eclipse is the best IDE for JAVA. Now it seems Eclipse also supports C/C++ in the form of CDT. Shall I use Eclipse + CDT to develop C++ applications or should I use some other IDE? Somebody please give me...
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    One WinXP Inside another WinXP (No Multiboot). How ?

    I have certain software, which I do not want to run under current operating system (Windows XP). Also, I do not want to have another operating system to boot from this operating system to another operating system and run the software. Is it possible to run one windows inside another windows...
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    A Case Fully Made Up Of Fans.

    Today I got this link and I was surprised to see a case entirely made up of 80 mm fans. Pictures of the case: Hope the case doesn't fly away Source:
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    Canon PowerShot S2 IS

    Canon has announced the successor to the S1 IS, the all-new 12x optical zoom five megapixel PowerShot S2 IS. This camera is clearly aimed to compete with the other compact big-zoom club which is currently made up of the Panasonic DMC-FZ5, Konica Minolta Z5 and Sony DSC-H1. Just like the S1 IS...
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    XFX Still Stuck With 66.93 Drivers

    I have this XFX GeForce PCX 5750 with 256 MB DDR. Nvidia has released the 71.89 drivers and this XFX is still stuck with 66.93 drivers . I have tried the 70.xx series of drivers and found the Colin McRae Rally 3 game very jerky . But with the 66.93 the game play is smooth. Does...
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    Internet Explorer Gets Top Priority

    Microsoft will not wait for Longhorn to improve security in Internet Explorer Microsoft is not going to wait for the next version of Windows, codenamed Longhorn, to ship before it makes changes to improve the security of key components such as Internet Explorer, which will see a significant...
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