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    Tell me where do u get a LCD monitor for less than 6k. I'm ready with the money !!!
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    Need help with Graphic card search

    If your budget of Rs. 10000 is only for a graphic card, then u can get a pretty good one for urself. Whatever u do, don't go for a GeForce FX 5200 or FX 5600. With ur budget, u can go for higher-priced cards than these. And buying any of these cards I mentioned would be a waste of money. As for...
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    Which CD Writer is most reliable???:?:

    Well, I have a Sony 52X/32X/52X CD RW. And all CDs until today have been successfully burnt. Not a single time has my CD RW given me an error. And because this is my first writer, I can only suggest u to buy this Sony one. Actually, one of my friends has a Sony 48X CD RW, and he has been using...
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    Memory clock speed of ATI RADEON 9600 PRO AGP Cards

    Yeah, there are plenty of examples where cards with lower core and memory speeds manage to outperform those with higher speeds. For example, the Geforce 6800 Ultra has a significantly lower core spped than the ATI Radeon X800.......but still in many reviews and benchmarks that I've seen or read...
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    Radeon 9600 Pro Vs. Fx 5600

    I quite agree !!! The Radeon 9600 Pro is anytime better than the FX 5600.
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