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  1. tuXian

    Billionton Bluetooth Dongle Queries

    I have been using Bluesoleil dongle for sometime. But through these forums I found that Billionton dongles are better but costly. After searching for many days I got hold of a Billionton Bluetooth USB Dongle for Rs. 300 i.e same price as Bluesoleil. But to my surprise at the time of...
  2. tuXian

    Help In Deciding a Digicam around 10-11K

    I am planning to buy a digicam and can shell out by max Rs. 11000. The camera should be able to take pics in low light with minimal noise. Can the learned members help me in deciding the brand and the model.
  3. tuXian

    Suggest A Card Reader

    Planning to buy a card reader but I am delima which one to buy as the market is flooded with many readers like 25 in 1, 35 in 1 etc. Regarding brand many are recommending Tech Com What do the learned members of this forum suggest me what model, which brand? Also please let me know the...
  4. tuXian

    Trojan Personifies As Google AdSense

    An unnamed Trojan is mimicing Google adsense and spreading. It replaces legitimate Adsense ads with its own that carry promos for penis pills, porn sites and the like. The trojan has reportedly been developed by 'NoGoodLinks'. AdSense team confirms 'that these are fake Google ads...
  5. tuXian

    Branded File Extensions On Web Server

    DirectI is launching web hosting services to its resellers come Jan 1 2006. I was just checking the demo of their hosting service and found an option called Branded File Extensions. Since its a demo I couldnt implemented. From the interface [See Screenshot below] I could see an option to...
  6. tuXian

    Urgent: Google Sitemap Troubles

    I run my blog on wordpress. I decided to use Google sitemap for better indexing therefore downloaded the Google sitemap pluigin from which automatically generates the sitemap.xml from the blog structure. So far so Good...
  7. tuXian

    TRAI wants Govt to kickstart shift to IPv6

    TRAI said on Tuesday that the usage of IPv6, a new internet protocol platform in e-Governance projects, be made mandatory to give a headstart to the deployment of this advanced technology that will expand the available IP address space, provide better service, mobility support and security...
  8. tuXian

    N-Gage R.I.P

    Nokia's Vice President Corporate Strategy Antti Vasara has reportedly admitted that Nokia's N-Gage was a failure and the company will no more develop new variants of N-Gage. Surprisingly Nokia intends to still continue producing N-Gage for Indian & Chineese markets. The N-Gage launched in...
  9. tuXian

    Urgent: WebSite Links Generator

    I have to create sitemap for about 10 websites. As I am gonna put the links in sitemap.txt file it has become really tiring for me to collect all the links. Moreover a couple of sites are extremely big. So I want such a s/w or WebSite Links Generator that can visit the site homepage and then...
  10. tuXian

    Bollywood Actors Mimicry True Tones

    Hi! just purchased Nokia 6630. I remember one of my friends had ringtones asking to lift the mobile phone in mimicry voices of old and new bollywood actors. But unfortunately he is untraceble to me now. Even Googling didnt help. Yahoo India has micmicry tones but they are generic ones and dont...
  11. tuXian

    .:: Wanted Profanity Word List ::.

    I run a site with a forum. Many ppl use filthy language. I want to stop them using Bad Word Filter. But for that using IPB I have to think and enter a word with an alternate. Can someone who owns a forum has a list of bad words or profanities share it with me so that I can implement it...
  12. tuXian

    .:: Help Uegent : Local Name Servers ::.

    I run a Domain Name Registration company. So you can understand how important domain names are for me. I have to change the Nameservers of my client domains numerous number of times sometimes in a day. But I am facing a typical problem in my business due to my ISP. It takes a lot of time...
  13. tuXian

    What is DNS Hosting?

    I came across a term DNS Hosting today, would like to know about it in simple words. I had heard about web hosting and that a website/domains DNS is always with the webhost. Then whats this DNS Hosting? Plz can someone elaborate on that!
  14. tuXian

    .:: Urgent: phpBB Queries ::.

    I want to know how much space does a phpbb forum occupies in a year if it has about 50 new thread/posts daily. Additionally it will have about 5-7 themes also. Can anyone reply asap appx space it will be using when the year ends. I have to know it in order to calculate space requirements...
  15. tuXian

    .:: Firefox Woes ::.

    I had installed Mozilla Firefox from the Hindi Software Tools CD. The interface had popped in Hindi and it looked great. But now I want English Interface back. Uninstalling and freshly installing firefox hasnt helped. Plz help me
  16. tuXian

    .:: FQDN Queries ::.

    With reference to FQDN or Fully Qualified domain names I have the following doubt. I know a fact that FQDN should end with a period. Below are two entries can anyone tell me which one of this is valid/not valid/ or both are valid FQDN 1. 2. Thanks
  17. tuXian

    Whats Google upto?

    My site was deep indexed by google about 3 months back and everything was going fine. On 5th August I added 3 addon domains. After that on 7th googlebot came but indexed only one of the subdomains and went away. Today to my horror I found that all my site pages are gone from Google and one...
  18. tuXian

    Whats this new icon in Yahoo Messenger?

    Yesterday when I had logged in Yahoo Messenger I saw a new star like icon. Does anyone know what it denotes? I am anxious to know about it. BTW the person was either invisible or offline. See it in the pic below
  19. tuXian

    .:: SSL Help ::.

    I have generated a SSL certificate using the SSL manager in CPanel. Now how should I use this SSL certificate? Is there a particular way to install it? How should I know once its up that my site has SSL?
  20. tuXian

    .:: Is this a new Google Agent? ::.

    I have seen a new Google user agent of late in my web server , heres the agent entry: DoCoMo/1.0/N505i/c20/TB/W20H10 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; + Can someone throw more light on this.
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