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    Mtnl Triband Real probs...

    i think.. your prob is more cause of bad wriing/low quality wiring/ exchange not upto the mark(like mines is)and plus yo might be having parallel lines after your connection..
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    get a 6200 w/o turbo charge... i think around 4k much better then any 5x series crap from nvidia.
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    Help me with triband usage...

    billed is what you would be charged for.. but ya if its without the 1 gb limit then you would only be charged for 20 mb more (1gb = 1024mb)
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    about these gmail's and yahoo's and now also hotmail's

    hmm when i got my gmail account first i filled it up in 5 days :P :P its still 1 gb full cause after it was full to the brim the yahoogroups that i had subscribed tooo cancelled my subscription :) my current yahoo account it 70% full .. . and most of it imp mail :)
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    your top 10 games

    Transport Tycoon deluxe(there aint a game like this)!! Rome total war(fav cause even after 10 months i`m still playng it!!) Call of duty 2 call of duty Medal of honour pacific assault Age of empires 2 need for speed undergroud 2 knights of the old republic Prince of persia...
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    how to use 3D-analyser

    and which ames you tryin to play?? using 3-d analyser could be harmful yaa.. experienced here already(though on my friend`s comp)
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    breakthrough or spearhead

    i dont think pacific assault would run on yours... it requires specifically dx 8.1 hardware atleast!(read graphic card) european assult is for consoles ..
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    Any body knows the DATE?

    ya when it would be released, my card would go in oblivion(6600gt) .. lol ya mee too waiting for it. :)
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    jobs in game industry

    that is one call center i wanna join lol maybe during the summer break hehe
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    Call of Duty 2

    am i the only one who runs games here at 1280*1024 everthing max?? on a 6600gt ;) ya playing COD2.actualy would have finished it 2 months ago had my mobo not gone kaput! :(
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    MSI K8N diamond plus or ASUS A8N 32 SLI deluxe

    the end o the discussion talks of the failure rates of asus mobos(its a guess) and guess what i got a failed asus a8n sli mobo myself!!! the thing is if it works it works great.. if it doesnt then god help you from the customer support (digicomp)
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    we shouldnt buy pirated stuff cause now we can download em all :P lol seriously ya we shouldnt .. but the fact is that most software companies make software at prices that result in them being highly priced!! so the cost of production itself is high.. maybe a few companies like EA and...
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    Cool New Plans from Mtnl Triband

    ya man triband surely rocks!! esp at night.. lol tis during daytime that`s its sometims slow!!
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    Piracy is Social Service

    ya we all know that using pirated software we are not helping the people whoe created it in the first place.. but then again the onus is still with the software creators to price it according to the region they are selling in.. maynot be the best thing to do(when you take in consideration the...
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    Which USB pen drive to buy?

    ya buy kingston .. good build quality and good support too :)
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    ChipSet Fan Problem

    hmm ya dude you facing the problem that countless other users of a8n sli deluxe mobo are faced with.. me too own the board. got the fan replaced.. too .. but it was the same .. so it again giving my rpoblems now. just 5 months after the replacement. replacement only took 4 days for me...
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    Help nedded in Megapixel issue in Digital Cameras...

    you can go for the panasonic lumix Fz5 5 MP /12x optical zoom.. and its for 18k.. from JJmehta... damn good buy!!!
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    Mumbai to get it's Own Game Institute.

    ooo nice.. wish this would have come when i was deciding on what to do after 12th!!
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    digital camera not in india????

    you can try te cyber shot series from sony or the coolpix series from nikon. go to .. for more info. . :)
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    What's the BIG thing about this brand..??

    hey i have a 6600gt big .. and man it surely rocks man!... its good at overclocking . and the blue led doees look ultra cool :D.. and dont worry the card is really good and solid and a good overclocker too :D some guys get it to 570mhz!!! i have taken it to only 550!
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