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    iphone 5 discontinued? now what do i do?

    Hi guys, I have a question. I bought an unlocked imported iphone 5 for 35000 in feb. Since it is discontinued, what would be its expected resale value after an year or so? will it take a plunge???? Should i sell it off right now to minimize any further loss?
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    iphone 5? case or no case?

    Hi all. I am planning to buy an iPhone 5 tomorrow. It is going to be black. I would just like to know if it really is as prone to scratches as they say it is. If that is an issue then which case would you suggest. (<1k) I have faced the problem of cases themselves scratching the phone in due...
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    anybody tested the sx160 is?? And related suggestion.

    Hi all, I have heard some good words about the canon SX130 and then SX150. Good stuff at around 8k. Recently the SX160 IS was launched and is available on ebay for around 11k. I had made up my mind because I wanted a camera with manual settings around 10k I just want to learn all the...
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