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  1. Snehit Sah

    Laptop for CSE course; 60k budget.

    Hi! I am admitted to a bachelor course in computer science engineering. I want to purchase a laptop that will serve me atleast for the duration of my course (4years) plus 1 or 2 years if possible. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Max 60k INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any)...
  2. Snehit Sah

    [Feedback] A Good Pianist (Short story)

    I've attached a PDF; Reading long texts in the browser has always been a pain for me (maybe for you too ;)) Wrote this about two and half years back. The story could've taken a different route at the end, but I wanted to show the mindset of a certain section of our society who don't mind...
  3. Snehit Sah

    Question related to MS Excel

    I was watching a tutorial on GMetrix on YouTube. There is a question for which I'm not sure about the answer. Neither do I find the instructor's method to be correct. I have attached a screenshot of the question with this thread. In the question, 'Quarterly Goal' refers to cell B18, having a...
  4. Snehit Sah

    [Feedback] A Refrigerator Story

    If you'd like to read this with better formatting, a pdf is there on my Google Drive: A Refrigerator Story.pdf or check out the attached PDF (My eyes get kinda uncomfortable reading long texts on the forum) ____________________________________ A Refrigerator Story “What kind of a refrigerator...
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