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    Sony WX1 or H55?

    Sony WX1 or H55 or Casio EX-H15? My budget is 15K max and I want a compact digcam for Outdoor travel purpose. I have shortlisted H55, WX1, Casio EX-H15. But now I am confused. When is H55 preferable over WX1? All I know is that WX1 is better for low light. But since the price of both is...
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    How to reach Ashok Vihar, Phase-I ??

    goodevening everyone, i have to go to Ashok Vihar, Phase-I tonight from noida(sec-12/22 crossing). If anyone knows how to reach there(route) please do tell me. Also how much time it would take from noida to reach there(1hr, 2hr, 3hr??). I will probably go by car. i want to reach in minimum...
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    URGENT HELP: How to PrintScreen Graphics n TurboC3?

    i have ade some projects in turboc3, (which i gotta demonstrate to my teacher) making circle,parabola, etc. But i am unable to o/p the images generated. Any method? PS: the normal method "edit-mark-paste" used to o/p texts of DOS window doesnt seem to work for DOS images.
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    Comparing gf3 and intel 900 GMA

    supposing i got gf3 with 64MB mem, and GMA900 with 128 MB. SO which will give me better performance in high end graphics(domm3/hl2)? thanks in advance.
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    URGENT: GeForce256 or Intel Extreme Graphics 2 ??

    ok, unfortunately, i have to choose between these 2 only. So i wanna know which is better comparitively in Game-Performance? i usually play NFSU2, Quake3, etc
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    Help me buy a Basic UPS (what VA)?

    i just need a ups with just enough backup to shutdown my pc. My cofiguration is:- P4 2.8Ghz 512 DDR333 RAM VIA p4m266 MOBO LG CDRW Drive 80GB HDD GeForce 2 15" CRT Monitor Philips 2.0 Speakers (5W RMS) 56k Modem Microtek 330W SMPS what else? Which Company & What VA should I go for...
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    Cheapest Mobile Service in DELHI

    i need a mobile service which is cheapest of them all. Basically i use my fone for Incoming Calls only. so very less talktime WILL do. It may be prepaid/postpaid. (But postpaid needs activation, other charges about Rs.500, right?). Should be around 99Rs/month or such. thanks.
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    Which AntiGlare Screen(Company/Model) should I go for?

    which antiglare is recommended? in terms of lumination permitted,etc. i have a 14" curved monitor. thanks.
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    Do i need Anti-glare screen?

    1) In what way does it help? (i use comp a lot) 2) My monitor is somewhat Curved(14inch). So will the antiglare screen fit on my monitor? 3) I have set refresh rate at 85Hz. Do i still need the anti-glare screen?
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    Need BSNL GPRS Settings (U.P West)

    recently, BSNL has started GPRS and is offering "SARKAAR" tones, wallpapers, etc. I need the mobile settings for it for nokia 7250. Thanks.
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    Price of Microtek 300W smps?

    i want to know the price of microtek's 300W smps. If anybody has any idea please tell me. thanks in advance.
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    need ATP3 dealer's address in Delhi

    Prefably in NehruPlace. list of dealers needed. what would be their current costs?
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    Need "4Channel" Polyphonics

    As most(& mine) NOKIA support 4-Channel polyphonics & most Poly tones on NET are Standard 16-Channel MIDI file, i need few HTTP sites which have 4-Channel Polyphonic Tones. Should be a HTTP site. Not WAP sites as I dont have WAP. Thanks.
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    Important Question about mp3 file?

    Is it possible to prevent some mp3 songs from being burned on CDs but still being able to play on my comp? I mean i dont want some1 to burn a mp3 file & take it to his comp. but still that file should play on my comp.? Thanks.
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    Problem Reading Last Session of CDR

    i burned 2 sessions from my friend's SONY writer using Nero6. Now when i use the disk on my LG CDRW Drive, although i can see the total space occupied by 2 sessions, but i can only data of 1st sesson. I tried using Multimounter but no help. Please help. Thanks.
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    *EDITED* Need Good Set Of 2.1 Speakers under "2000Rs."

    Prefably altecs or creative & should be available in nehru place under Rs.2000. :) Thanks.
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    Problem Reading Files In SONY CDRW

    I burned some songs in my SONY CDRW from my friend's Writer(sony). Now when i opened it in my writer(LG), the CDRW wasnt reading. So i copied some files using DOS copy & some files got copied. But 90% of them didnt. When i opened my Nero, it said "Unexpected File Format" But i continued the...
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    Where does Nokia3530's DataCable Connect?

    i know that it has a datacable support. The problem is that i want to know that where does that connect?
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    Does Firmware upgrade lowers the free memory ?

    Is it true for nokia 3530?
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    Does Any Mobile Network Offer Students' Discounts?

    Does any GSM network provide any students' scheme/discount for prepaid connections?
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