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    urgent help pc screwed up

    My 500gb partion drive with windows 7 is pretty fcked up. Whenever i tried to log in it goes to temp profile. I have tried lot of things like editing registry for my profile but no use. I tried to install windows 7 on it again using upgrade option but it says my files are on different partion...
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    Any good artist looking for work

    I am looking for any good artist for creating some 2d cartoon art for games. If your prices are reasonable i have work for you. Let me know if any1 is interested
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    Need a good printer urgent fast

    I need a good printer. I have HP printer but it totally sucks. It used to print pages only when it felt like doing it. Ink catridges always got over too fast without printing. And now paper gets jammed. So i need a new printer. My print work is very less hardly 10 pages per month. I need a...
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    How come US can borrow as much money as they want

    They are 16 trillion in debt but still they can borrow as much they want. They keep on increasing their debt ceiling. Which countries give them money. I know china do. But who else does? Other countries when they have even 100b in debt their whole economy collapse. And why doesnt value of...
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    Need a good printer

    My current printer is HP and i had nightmare time with it all these years. It would print something when it desired to print. Ink catridges get over withing few prints and now paper get jammed always. I am looking for a new printer prefarbly wireless. Can any1 suggest good printer. I dont...
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    Need beta testing for my mobile game

    Need some beta testing for my upcoming work in progress mobile game.Please test it on mobile and not on desktop. Game need to be played on landscape mode so orient your mobile before starting your game. If you do test it please mention mobile you tested in, how well the game ran did it...
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    Help memmory dump error

    I am getting memmory dump error everytime PC restarts. I barely managed to log in. Any1 knows how to fix it.
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    Any1 has iphone with IOS7

    Any1 has iphone with IO7 running on it. I needed to test my game in it.
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    CPU over tremp error

    I get this error while playing game. When PC restarted i saw the temp at 73 degrees. I am using normal fan attached to cpu as cooler. Can any1 suggest any better cooling stuff that can keep my CPU temp normal
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    Getting unwanted Calls

    I am getting annoying pre recorded message as unwanted calls everytime even after i am registered to DND. I tried calling 1909 and even sending SMS but sms aint getting accepted and calls are getting cancelled. How do i stop or complain to them.
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    Does paypal report you??

    Does paypal report the amount of money you got through paypal to governement officials. I heard there is a threshold value above which they report you. Is that true??
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    How do i enable anti aliasing in s3

    How do i enable anti aliasing in s3
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    getting BSOD

    getting blue screen with memory dump error memmory dumps to 100% and then restarts. Can any1 knows fix
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    How do i download from uploadedt0

    Since this is blocked in our country anyway to download from it??
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    Getting frequent dc MTNL mumbai

    I am getting dc every 40 mins. Its very irritating while playing game. Recently my diablo3 hardcore char died bec of dc. Also having problems playing youtube videos on 480px. It hangs a lot
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    560ti vs 650ti

    I got my 560ti graphics card RMA today it was giving black screens on every game after 10mins of gameplay. The zotac guy said i wont get a new 560ti card but a 650ti card. I asked him for a better card and he said 10k more for a 660ti. Is there any other card that i can replace 560 with since...
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    Made some android games

    Hi Guys, I made some android games just for fun and test my developer skills. I know this sucks but you can have a look and give some feedbacks.
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    [Query] zotac graphics card service centre

    Does any1 has address for zotac graphics card service centre in mumbai??
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    Need laptop for rendering and gaming

    Need a laptop main priority is rendering. Playing games will be added advantage, in anycase i have a PC for gaming Max budget 70k
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    need Diablo 3 price?

    How much will diablo 3 cost in india when it is released
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